The city and police since Wednesday night, looking for the source of wild rumors, as there would be on the ladeuze square, a gang of rapists that are active. Police say given to a small group of people in a angstklimaat want to create.

There is one in Leuven and a lot of commotion about it in a post that’s already flying around on social media. The message is, women are called upon to be careful around the ladeuze square, but also in other parts of the belgian capital. “They have been around for a number of assembly programs requested that there be a rapists a group walking around in Leuven, which is centered around the ladeuze square and hanging out. So girls, please be careful and of course don’t want to just lead to further action being taken against this group have been made. And do me a favor, post something about it so that everyone is safe in their dorm room and then getting hit. Kisses and be safe (s).”, according to the post.

Extensive research

The city police received a Wednesday night to air on the news and started immediately for a comprehensive examination on it. “We have a lot of manpower trying to figure out who the source is behind the message, and the context in which the message is being spread and by whom,” says a spokesman Nicholas Del Piero of the university police department. “At the moment, we don’t have a definitive answer on this, but we do have indications, however, that a small group of people with a angstklimaat want to create. What’s on the other hand, however, it is encouraging that a large number of people in the city and genuinely concerned about each other’s well-being.”


That is, there are a number of hall’s afroepingen would have taken place, may be the KU Leuven, in his own words, not hard to make. Internal research there is no definitive answer will be delivered. At this point, it is not proven that there is something that is taught in a classroom, let alone in a multi-audience programs,” said Bregt Van Hoeyveld of the News service of the university of Leuven.

the police department in Leuven, and to underline that any person who is a victim of such facts, is always to make contact with the police. “Every reported incident is thoroughly investigated,” says Del Piero. The police have received from a variety of angles, notice that the message would be spread out within the framework of an off-hand doopopdracht of the students. “Well, that slope will be studied, and if we can, we will, we will have more information about the show,” concludes the spokesperson.