After the conviction of nine of separatists, to long terms of imprisonment, it has been at all agitated in the region of Catalonia. The police department will use the wapenstok, it’s water cannon, tear gas, and even rubberkogels. At least 50 protesters were wounded, discharged. Who’s in for the next few days, to Catalonia, travel, love, it is best to take into account more events.

A call to the airport (El Prat) position and the foot is in trouble, it was immediately acted upon. Hundreds of protesters marched in the direction of the airport. First, blocked them the access roads, then try in the terminal to get to the hotel. It was there that a confrontation with the police. That used to be even rubberkogels against the protesters. Dozens of protesters have been arrested. The others got in blows.

for More than a hundred flights had to be cancelled, or walked into a large delay. At the airport, there is chaos.

now, In Girona, Lleida, Tarragona and Manresa answered the people’s call of the Committees for the defense of the republic, Committees of the Defensa de la República), and the group of Tsunami-Democratic. The train service between Barcelona and Girona, and was in charge of the police station, because there are people out on the trails up there. Also, there was the police action.

Also Monday night, it was, inter alia, in Barcelona, argued. Also, there were some clashes with the police and the protestors violently to his room, and entered. At least fifty protesters were injured and had to be removed.

Dozens of protesters were handcuffed and taken.

If, in the next few days, to Catalunya, to be the best, bear in mind that there are still more protests will take place.

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Brussels has also argued against the belief in all of Spain. More than one hundred Catalans, have a Monday evening in Brussels to protest in front of the embassy of Spain. They demand the immediate acquittal for the condemned Catalan, the process was a farce”, says the who.

now, The protesters brought in some Catalan flags, and were clear to hear. They are chanted in the Catalan language of Spain is a fascist state, and the separation of Catalans are immediately released to it. Out of protest, they sang well together, and the Catalan national anthem to the Spanish embassy.

tomorrow morning, Tuesday, to collect the Catalans in Brussels, belgium. At 12: 30 will begin with a rally at rond-point Schuman. If you venture into the mountain range, it has been warned.

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