the Police will stop and check out all the new country or out of the travelling people. The government reported on Wednesday that the new country, provincial and other inter-provincial traffic will be limited.

mobility restrictions the aim is to curb the corona virus in the spread of the new earth, the rest of the country. The restriction will come into force on Friday, if the parliament adopts the regulation.

Police force Seppo Kolehmainen according to police preparing to ask for assistance from the Military and Border protection service. Their staff works as a police control and the police is present at each barrier location.

the Restrictions to monitor normal conditions of the law, and the police get extra powers.

– Restrictions apply to the advice, admonitions, and commandments. Only serious, care, non-cases will be used in more severe ways.

Every vehicle and every person who runs a train or other vehicle, stop and find out where trip is.

Lasse Aapio

the Restriction violation may follow fines.

Barricades will be set for the most important new country for you, but also others about you. Initially, the lock should be 30-40 on the road. The highway removed the bands use. You in addition, police train – and air traffic.

Every vehicle and every person who runs a train or other vehicle, stop and find out where the trip is, the Helsinki police department, police commander, Lasse Aapio said.

Police Kolehmainen, according to the police are not in practice able to control all province-consuming for you. However, he stresses that people should not now try to think about how restrictions are circumvented.

All traffic is not prohibited,

the movement restrictions mean that the new country and out, can travel only for unavoidable reasons. For example, a holiday or cottage trips are not allowed, but other acceptable justification to deviate from the limitations of is.

the Acceptable criteria are: the functions of public authorities activities, work, livelihood, or position of trust practice, statutory duty, immediate family death, child visitation rights, or other pressing personal reason. Also for example, the health of close relatives can be an acceptable reason.

the People have an obligation to prove their identity and present to the police to prove it, which is why it is necessary.

police commander Lasse Aapion according to the police I hope people submit written testimony, but such is not required. The employer can establish, for example, a document that says where the person lives and where he works. Essential is that the criteria is clear and auditable.

– Very long reports, the police did not listen, Aapio said.

the movement restrictions of control requires daily estimated that up to 700 police work. It is away from other tasks, said the national police commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen. Urgent alert missions are, however, still a police priority.

Police told the movement restrictions of control information conference on Thursday. The occasion, treated the matter of addition, you can find more answers in this yle on Wednesday, I published the article.

Follow here yle I updated the article to corona virus pandemic situation in Finland and around the world.

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the committee on Constitutional affairs to consult with experts of the new country movement restriction of tomorrow – the Chairman estimates that the ban could come into force already on Friday

you Can discuss the topic below Friday 27.3. the clock 23.

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