If there is a new threat of terrorism, or other major security crisis occurs, the federal police and who is not. According to a report on the operation of the federal police, which is to be delivered to the Room at a rapid pace, The amount of Time. The report has been prepared by the federal politieraad, in which city mayors, experts, topmagistraten and police chiefs sit down.

“There is no personeelsreserve, and that the statute is too rigid for people to get from one to the other column to move,” says the chairman of the federal politieraad Willy Weather. “When a new phenomenon shows up, the police will find it difficult to survive. I’m talking not about terrorism, both of which are very special and that everything needs to be taken.”

Tim Vandenput (Open VLD) calls to 500 and 900 million euros of additional investment in the police, law enforcement, fire department, and the ministry of defence. “I think We really need to invest more in our basic safety.”

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