Social crisis in India – the Plight of The migrant workers only in India day-labourers began to lose their jobs, now they are returning. However, in the home of millions stand on the precipice.Arne Perras from Singapur4 Kommentare4Eine journey into the Unknown: the Indian workers travel back to their homeland in the East Indian state of West Bengal.Photo: Reuters

they are called “Shramik Special,” freely translated as the “Express means”. After such special trains of India, a day laborer crave for six weeks. The good old railway is now to bring all migrant workers in the sub-continent back in their home villages. Since 1. May we see the first cars criss-cross the vast country with its 1.3 billion people. The Stranded can finally go home. This is the good news. But the torments of the day laborers are not expected to be completed in order for a long time.

Even if the Indian Railways is in many places in a dilapidated condition and the plans of the government of Prime Minister Narendra modi to drag for high-speed trains, then Rail, networked in a way no other means of transport to all regions of India. Another way, there is not even for all the migrant workers, who have earned for weeks, nothing more. Since the beginning of the Lockdown, you wanted to out of the cities, which are known to them, the assured but under great hardships for their Survival and that of their families – in front of Corona.

millions fight every day to Survive

thousands tried to walk, some walked hundreds of miles, without knowing, whether they were in their villages at all welcome. Often the police would put the new arrivals in quarantine, others were beaten because they were on the road. To survive in India for many millions of a daily struggle. In times of output, he has become a lock even harder. Finally, the day laborers lived only by what others gave them, or what the state is distributed among the poor. In the state of Gujarat in the West, the nerves were so bright that a few Hundred migrant workers threw stones when police stopped them on their way.

How great is the despair, also made a discovery in the city of Indore in Central India. There are 18 people had hidden Inside a concrete mixer, in sweltering heat, a journey of 1200 miles through. The Plan failed, they were caught red-handed during an inspection. Film footage showed a worker after the other through a narrow hole out of the drum into the open squeezed. At the end of a desperation drive. Only the train still offers a Chance.

Many of them have not a rupee more in the bag, but the Ticket for the ride home had to pay Raju Kumar Mandal, of a work Express in Kerala ascended, nevertheless even. “I asked mom and dad,” said the young Indian to the channel NDTV, the parents had to pay money, for his merit, he had sent previously, Yes always almost completely to the family.

As the government in March, the output – with only four hours of lead – had imposed, not only on a blow Job and the income; all were, no one was allowed in their work camps, construction sites and under bridges, because of the move. As television showed pictures from the state of Madhya Pradesh, no longer wore a lot as a few bottles of water, and a carrying bag when they arrived at the station, with towels in front of the mouth and nose. There, hundreds of day laborers at a distance of one and a half meters were already waiting at the platforms, not monitored by police officers, so she shifted to ” Yes ” to closely to each other.

The Poorest have to use your Tickets for yourself

the cost of the trips, a political dispute has broken out because many competing either individually or with their families on the long journey, are not able to pay for the Tickets myself. pay One of the angry workers was quoted by the news platform of “India Today”: “The government can muster millions to the Rich to bring back stranded abroad,” scolded the man. “But you don’t have the money to bring the Poorest and those who work the hardest, home. For this, we have to pay now.”

The members of the opposition Congress party to handle the issue quickly, your Boss, Sonia Gandhi said that her party will take the cost out of solidarity, she attacked the government of Narendra modi to ensure that the Poorest should pay for their Tickets themselves. This was not without effect: a Few hours later, a spokesman for the ruling party BJP said that national rail would carry 85 percent of the cost, the Rest would have to take the individual Federal States.

The Need is existential

Even though many workers now have at least a prospect, in their home villages to return to, this changes little in their existential Distress. Millions are on the precipice. You hope that you have in the circle of the family now, for better protection, but there is so little on the decommissioned construction sites, where they were last for the equivalent of three to five francs a day toiled.

Despite a billion package, the government has launched in order to provide the Poorest with the most Necessary during the Lockdown, says Economist Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee, the will not all rich. Hundreds of millions of Indians should now get very fast money in Hand, so that they could spend as soon as the Lockdown will relaxed a little.

But also for India, what other countries is of concern: It will not be easy, the supply boost, without at the same time, new infections, to trigger the end, perhaps, in a new Lockdown. On Tuesday, the number of registered Covid climbed-19 -cases in India to about 46’000. The curve is not quite as steep as in the hard-hit countries in Europe or the United States, but it. Modes the output block for the time being, until the middle of may, extended. As long as the poor day-labourer must hold so still. At the very least.

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