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The Plaza de Toros de Tanger , coso of the african continent along with Melilla, is receiving a coat of paint and a wash of image these days, prior to the great project of restoration of the arena.

As explained to Efe the deputy mayor of Tangier Driss Rifi Temsamani, the works will only involve an intervention on the facade -plaster followed by a coat of paint-that will last “between two and three weeks.”

“The plaza is located on a main avenue, is a place of passage of the King when it comes to Tangier, and also of tourists “, explained the deputy mayor to justify the works, a few works that come as part of a plan of general urbanism in the city renovation of several avenues.

however, the large restoration project to convert the square into a space mixed -to accommodate commercial and cultural activities – it will still take, without there being a specific date because “the procedures are very slow,” he added.

being a “national monument” from your statement in 2016, the Ministry of Culture has a voice in the project, as the city council (owner of the place) and the wilaya or delegation of the government, so that the administrative procedures are complex and lengthy, “and it is impossible to give a date.”

The Plaza de Toros was built in 1950, in the era of the Spanish Protectorate over Morocco , and only served as an arena bullfight for six years; the rest of his life has been a concert hall, boxing ring and even a camp of internment of migrants.

Currently abandoned and with a huge fig tree that has grown in its interior, serves as shelter to four families living illegally in the hemline, ensuring to have rights for being the descendants of the last usher who worked in the bullring in the ephemeral life taurine of the place.