The pilot, which is Wednesday, by accident, the kapingsalarm turned into a plane at the Dutch airport, Schiphol, the netherlands, and has apologized. For example, it is to be heard in a video that recently circulated on Twitter. In the meantime, there is more known about the cause of the error. For instance, the pilot, is busy with instructions to give it to the pilot-in-training. That has made the airline Air Europa on Thursday and confirmed it to the Dutch public broadcaster, NOS.

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The captain left the pilot-in-training in the various codes, including the code that is to be used in a hijacking. Moreover, the code is accidentally activated, and there is a high alarm that was sounded at the airport. For more than an hour, it was a part of the airport was evacuated and it was antiterreurpolitie at the ready. But, ultimately, it had to Air in Europe, have to admit that kapingsalarm was accidentally introduced.

the Air in Europe, is no definitive research in to the pilot. “What do you mean? There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of either. What else is there to investigate?”, so says the spokesman of the NIS. The spokesman said that the issue of what the airline is concerned, it is dismissed.

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