The parents of Pia and the success of the sms-campaign: It’s going to work out. This is so overwhelming


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now The counter is already at more than 704.000. All of the people who are using sms-2 euros will be donated to the Pia. The € 1.9 million required for life-saving jab at her, a rare disease comes slowly into view. “We are at a time of desperation to a real-world hope for a bright future is gone,” says mom Ellen. “Whatever.”

for Himself, the little Movements yesterday, with her lovely relaxing chair, especially the view from the giant lenses of the photographers, and all of the gezeul of cameramen surrounding her. Pia is the full, nine-months-old, was the news of the world, but it has attracted all too much. Around her eyes is, however, a sign that it could decide the rest of her life.

Pia and Boehnke, suffers from the rare genetic disease spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), that is, her muscles can weaken over time and makes to die. Without treatment, she will never have her second birthday, catch up. There is only one way that can save us. But it’s the one song on the way Zolgensma that they need, it will cost less than € 1.9 million. That may be her parents, mike Meyer, and her husband, Tim, Boehnke from a google translation is available free, and so they set up an sms campaign.

last night had been published in more than 704.000 of text messages from people who are 2 euro donation. The operators, as did Proximus and Telenet, had to know that she is half euro and they are normally charged to your mobile phone, will not be returned to you. ”I can’t believe it,” says mom Ellen. “Monday morning, we got up to 20,000 and that is quite a bit. It is difficult to comprehend that we are in a hurry to be more than 1.4 million euro, money collected has increased. There is also a 100,000 euro directly to our account.”

The tragic story of Pia, it is easy to use text-evidence for 2 euros, you can deposit, and from the fact that the campaign is fast-in a big way and took to social media, it has to be a just as sudden as the massive wave of solidarity on the ground.

“It’s going to be hundreds of thousands of people who are involved,” says Ellen. “It’s all the small things: one of text, a few text messages, some of the people who are thousand of euro. So massive that I’d never have expected. I had never thought of that, I would have to say it, but perhaps it is useful to see to it that only 1.9 million of them. We have an urgent need to contact the doctor: what are you, then it’s medicine, so, we have to go to the united states of america or may, in any other country like that?”

It Zolgensma is currently approved in the United States of america. The European medicines agency is still considering approval. It is the one of the walls, where she in recent months on the proceeds. “Novartis says that they sympathize with us. Well. And the prime minister, Maggie De Block (Open VLD) said that they can’t do it, because it means in Europe, not yet approved. But, sorry: this is bullsh * t. In France, using all available means of a special procedure, which is in Belgium, you can use it. There is also a fund that we would be able to help you with the means to pay for it, but there was a Block in. It is a process and the means by compassionate use, free of charge, but Novartis said that that’s not going to be doing in Europe.”

That blows, the family bitter. “However, the success of the sms campaign that makes a lot of good,” said Ellen. To heal her daughter or not, and even if they went in of eur 1.9 million.

“It is intended to make sure that the Links are still capable of further development. It is a vision of a better life. Hope that we are up to yesterday, no longer dared to cherish it, but now we have once again dared to have.”

the Manufacturer, Novartis had last night, knowing that they will “continue to work in partnership with all the stakeholders involved in the Movements to support it.” What that means, they said, they don’t.

those Who want to deposit may use “Links” send text message to 4666.
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