The paint fantasies of Boris Johnson – Boris’s high-flyer is not much the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Corona times. But, after all, a goal he has reached: His Jet is colorful.Opinion Alexander Mühlacher from London0 comment a lot of grey the official government jet for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who wants a more lively and, above all, Patriotic scissors painting is.Photo: Dylan Martinez ()

If nothing more comes up, should go a long-cherished desire of Boris Johnson soon come true. This month, the aircraft, with the British Prime Minister flies around the world to receive a new coat of paint. According to Johnson’s will, parts of the Royal-Air-Force-aircraft named Voyager will Shine in the future in the colours of the Union Jack: Red, White, and Blue. The previous painting finds Johnson for a long time as to be sad a lot. Already in his time as foreign Minister, he asked, why the machine should of all things be gray.

Now, by now you know that gray does not work for the self-understanding of a Boris Johnson. The Premier prefers to paint the future of his country in the most colorful colors. After decades of hibernation, the United Kingdom is awakening at last as a sovereign Nation and show the world how free-trade design. Johnson says of the “Global Britain” and all sorts of commercial contracts, which will connect the UK to the EU exit. With the USA and Japan is already negotiated, on Wednesday, Johnson announced the start of discussions with Australia and new Zealand. It can be assumed that the Prime Minister will also face in the place. And for this it needs, apparently, a Brexit-Jet in the national colors.

penchant for status symbols

Whether Johnson may be in the near term, however, a lot of on-the-go, is quite questionable. The Corona-crisis to keep him at the moment festival in London. Otherwise, Johnson has actually do enough with the consequences of Brexit to. That he finds time to devote himself to his paint fantasies that may surprise some. On the other hand, Johnson is not with his penchant for national status symbols alone. So Donald Trump’s emerged already as the chief designer of the legendary Air Force One and personally the color selection for the President of the machine. Also, Brazil’s head of state, Jair Bolsonaro had to proclaim a Patriotic painting of his Jets.

unlike Trump, Johnson, however, has the first right of access to the aircraft. According to reports, he is in the order of precedence behind the Queen and the first heir to the throne Prince Charles. In addition to the Prime Minister, even the Cabinet are allowed to fly members of the machine. The Airbus A330 dates to the Voyager fleet of the Royal Air Force and was reconstructed in 2016 for 10 million pounds. The job of Prime Minister David Cameron gave at the time. Johnson’s Makeover will cost, according to Downing Street 900’000 pounds. An Insider told the Sky News that the whole of the recall task in Austin Powers. In the James Bond spoof by Mike Myers played spy in a Jaguar E Type with Union Jack paint job was on the way.

morale in times of Corona

Johnson Jaguar has similar plans for its service, is not yet known. As foreign Minister, he flirted, but with the purchase of a new Royal Yacht Britannia. Two weeks ago, Lord Jones of Birmingham, a former trade Minister, this proposal is again brought into play. A new Britannia would strengthen the morale of the Nation in times of Corona, he said. It is not inconceivable that Johnson feels the same way.

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