now, the opposition in the Flemish Parliament in the budgetary figures at the debate on Friday, or not at all? President, Liesbeth Homans, has sought advice on the issue, and finds that the opposition to the concrete begrotingstabellen will not be able to enforce. In the meantime, the prime minister, Jan Jambon to let you know that by no later than Monday afternoon, “the appropriate figure” in the parliament will ensure that there is a Tuesday with a debate on the figures, it can be managed by a committee.

at That, the prime minister, Jan Jambon will be no budgetary figures will be releasing it, put bad blood with the opposition political parties in the Flemish Parliament. In the absence of these data makes it to a debate and a vote of confidence in just not impossible, ” they say in unison. All of the parties will be at the brand new president, Liesbeth Homans called the numbers attached to them before the debate on Friday. Otherwise, the discussion and the vote, but had to be postponed.

it’s in the answers to these questions, answers, Homans, through the clerk of the court of parliament, that is, the specific begrotingstabellen are not just required to be able to have a discussion. The debate is about “the main aspects of the budget, and in accordance with, the legal service of the parliament, out of such general wording does not suggest that it should go to the specific begrotingstabellen.

Against Monday

in the Meantime, the prime minister, Jan Jambon of the parliament, to let them know that by no later than Monday afternoon, “the appropriate figure” and will submit it to the members of the european parliament. On Tuesday there will be the promised debate on the numbers provided in the european commission.

now, It is not yet clear whether the opposition parties will have to settle with that answer. In answer to the question, in order to stimulate the debate and the vote to postpone due to lack of numbers, the answer Homans, again, by the clerk of the court: “It is, your group is free to invoke the appropriate procedures to the agenda of the plenary session tomorrow to pass”.

More about john Ham and LIVE. Fireworks are expected in the Flemish Parliament during a debate about a government agreement (excluding budgetary figures) Opposition that threatens to hemisphere and to the left, without the begrotingstabellen on the table, “a Small child that will play games Ben Weyts (N-VA) about the uitschuiver Ham: “this is the big deal about it, not worth it” “Shareholders would never pick up on that, as a CEO, not graded on a five-year plan. The politicians, however,”