in a Bizarre story out of Germany, where there is a lot of discussion going on about the amount that Schalke 04 last summer, at Fortuna Düsseldorf has been paid for Benito Raman (24). According to the weekly magazine Der Spiegel, have Fortuna Dusseldorf, the transfer price for the Red Devil’s much better to let you believe they really happened. Dusseldorf responded to indignant in a press release, but I got wind of the… Schalke 04.

The article in the Mirror, take a Fortune-beleidsvoerder Thomas Röttgermann (58) heavy in the water. He said in the press it is understood that Raman is the club with more than 13 million, it would bring in. This would now be the most expensive outgoing transfer for the club in Düsseldorf’s city centre. Not a bad place and thought of the general public.

but, according to the magazine, not entirely real. They claim to have internal documents that, in his hands, showing that Raman is only “bargain” was made. We are minutes away would be only 6.5 million had been paid to the Red Devil. There are bonuses on top of it, but even if Raman and Schalke are a great successeizoen it would do, it would amount to less than ten million.

Benito Raman, in his presentation as a player of Schalke 04. Photo: Raymond Lemmens

Where does this discrepancy come from? According to Der Spiegel, a jump in the man from Düsseldorf is quite creative, in order to calculate the total value of the transfer. For example, would the value of a leenspeler the second leg of their who is involved in the deal will have to be counted at all, and he might even have been anticipated to have the potential case of Raman. Not very common in football, but it would be handy to have in the ready to spawn.

In Düsseldorf, and they deny that the message was true, and, in a statement posted on their website, they emphasize that the transfer of the Benito Raman in the club, at least 13 million euros, it will bring in. Röttgermann talked about a “smear campaign”.

Schalke 04: “In Dusseldorf, it is suggested that the figures that are not there”

that seemed to be the end of it, to Schalke 04 in the story, to the mix. After the 1-5 win against Paderborn on Sunday night was the technical director Jochen Schneider (49) has to be angry about the whole affair at the Baby. “I was extremely annoyed when I read the press release of the Düsseldorf-las, ‘ he says. “I have a lot of respect for them, but I have no words for it. Röttgermann does not adhere to the confidentiality clause in the contract, and on top of that, he tells us, but is not the truth. He is suggesting the figures that are not there.”

Raman, in his presentation as a player of Schalke 04. Photo: Raymond Lemmens

that seemed to be the Schneider, as a technical director and we are minutes away from involved in the transfer of Raman, and to confirm that the Mirror is on the floor at the right end of the year. The whole affair is set Röttgermann district, which, in addition to lying about the transferbedragen also, cronyism is blamed for, is not in a very good light. In an interview with the Bild let the man know that he is “not one second” of retirement have thought of that.

Monday night, showed the Fortuna Düsseldorf – once again via a statement on their website, and know that Luck and Schalke 04 in their dispute over Raman to have settled. Thomas Röttgermann, and Robert Schneider, in a phone call, all of the misunderstandings surrounding the transfer of the Benito Raman out of the way. We will meet in the future to comment more on the details of the transfer”, what it sounds like. In Germany, there is honend to respond to that, ‘leugenvrede’. “Wer soll diesen Lügen-Frieden glauben?”, writes a Picture. Anyone who believes in them?

Benito Raman was out of action for Schalke 04 in the wide victory in the Padersborn. The Red Devil has a problem with his ankle.