Head of the day – The only dictator in the world, the Dutch sprichtDesi Bouterse President of the Republic of Suriname, even though he should really be sitting in prison. Now it could catch up with his bloody past as a military dictator, but still.Opinion Sandro Benini0 comment for decades, the strong man in Suriname President Desi Bouterse.Photo: Ranu Abhelakh/REUTERS

Desi Bouterse Would be the main character in a South American dictator novel, one would have to say: So this is a little exaggerated. However, the President of Suriname has demonstrated for decades that the reality can surpass this opulent literary Genre.

the starting position in the elections from last Monday: Either the 74-Year-old wins and denies a third term. Or he risks to spend the Rest of his life in prison. First results indicate that Bouterses national democratic party has lost the majority in the 51-member Parliament, which elects the head of state. But surely it is not. There are reports of irregularities, lost ballot boxes, lists of candidates, who have already died. For the full program.

Suriname has a good half a Million inhabitants and is four times as large as Switzerland. It is American continent is located off the North-Eastern corner of South America covered by rain forest, surrounded by Brazil, Guyana, French Guyana and the Atlantic ocean.

make the Background

in 1975, the Dutch colony becomes independent. Five years later, Bouterse, who served in the Dutch army, the Power of pushing himself. Until 1987, he ruled the country as a military dictator, then international pressure to withdraw forces him. But Bouterse, the mighty man remains in the Background, and interests in gold mines, and land deals will make him rich. Once he led the government through a single phone call to resign.

Desi Bouterse for re-election in February 2009.Photo: Ranu Abhelakh (Reuters)

in 1999, a Dutch court in absentia sentenced him for smuggling Cocaine to 11 years in prison. Interpol put out to tender, is not more can Bouterse of Suriname to leave without risking arrest. De facto ruler of the South American country, he still remains.

From a poor family, has Bouterse indigenous, African, Dutch, French, and Chinese ancestors. He is the personified mixture of peoples, the Surinam culture and history has shaped. This is one of the reasons for its popularity. Bouterse speaks the language of the common people, he is charming and affable, a charismatic swashbuckler, with the drinking in the Bars of the capital city of Paramaribo, like a beer.

His background makes it appear credible, when he is drawn in spite of his wealth over the white elites and the arrogance of the former colonial power. As Bouterse in 2010 in a democratic election the President, he makes it his personal friend Hugo Chavez in Venezuela: loose sayings, polemic against the Rich and social programs for the benefit of the poor. Money and influence for his party companions and his family. This is so good for so long, as the prices of raw materials on world markets are high. Then the state begins to wane empty the register and Bouterses popularity in the people.

A murderer as a President

One of Bouterses sons is in prison for cocaine smuggling in a prison in the US. A step-son who murdered a Chinese jeweler, and in front of the house of the Dutch Ambassador with a hand grenade has detonated, pardoned by the President in virtue of his office.

However, in 2019, the Unexpected happens After a more than ten years, repeatedly delayed process, convicted by a military court of the incumbent head of state to 20 years in prison. Bouterse had ordered in 1982 during his time as a military dictator, to torture by 15 members of the opposition, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and journalists, and to murder. As head of state he enjoyed so far, immunity. He will be voted out of office now actually, he loses to the Power, perhaps even his freedom.

The living in Holland Suriname historian Hans Ramsoedh says about Desi Bouterse: “He is a survivor. He has no Beliefs, no ideological Vision, and the will to stay in Power.” In the Netherlands they call him with unmistakable lust creeps “the only dictator in the world who speaks Dutch”.

From the distance, Bouterse has Surreal a little-Folk. For his country he is a single misfortune.

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