Antwerp –

if you have a video in the centre of Antwerp, it is Sunday afternoon, a woman (88) has died. The incident took place in the Raapstraat, in the vicinity of the Stadswaag.

“We can confirm that a serious incident has taken place,” says Stéphanie Chomé of the public prosecutor’s office of Antwerp, belgium. In the meantime, the public prosecutor’s office confirmed that the person was in the hospital for her injuries and has passed away.

The attack happened on the street. The author of the video, it was for a while, traced out by the Antwerp police department, and was able to be picked up. The arrested suspect would be the province’s only victims.

at The Stadswaag, and a well-known square is the student area in the city centre and continues to Sunday evening even shut down in order to make all the necessary checks to be able to do it. There is one judge claimed, in respect of acts of murder, and also in the lab, and the law doctor on the spot.