at the North Sea Port, is claiming compensation from you of more than 19 million euros from the Dutch government, after a conservation area has been extended. It’s going to be in the Eastern part of the Rammekensschor, so the conversion is not a port, more to come..

The fusiehaven went to the Dutch Council of State, to a decision of the minister of Nature and Gene Rowlands to fight. The Dutch legislation does not provide for any compensation if private land is to be painted as a nature reserve. The value of the land, which is now in the hands of the North, the Sea Port, it is estimated that the port at 19.1 million euros.

at the North Sea jazz festival of Port calls, there is still activity in the area is taken to be. What they want is a claim for damages, even though, according to a spokesman for the North Sea, the Port is not in order to have the money to do so. “If we win, we will have the money to invest in state-out of the port area,” is heard on Wednesday.

The Dutch Council of State is examining the issue.
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