A Strange One. Last night was the barkoud. In some places, up with the temperature of the ground is below the freezing point. However, this weekend, summer is hot. The weather man-David Dehenauw to explain how it can be done.

In the hautes Fagnes, the temperature last night was-0.7 degrees celsius. The floor was freezing, even up to minus 3 degrees celsius. In Diepenbeek (Limburg), the temperature was 0.2 degrees celsius, and dropped to the ground, and even I-4.

the sun and wind

“It’s not every day that in september, grondvorst,” said the weather man, David Dehenauw. “Especially if it’s during the day, not so hot, and at night the sky and the wind continues. That is, it is the perfect setting to cool down. The clouds lay in a blanket over the earth, and to keep her warm. When the sky is the protection, it is not, therefore, cool the earth more quickly. If it’s above, like last night, more than once there is no wind, it kept cooling down also hang out. That is, as the earth gives her the chill off the air which is just above the stuck. If there is wind, then those who are cold and root down. In the absence of wind remains cold and hang out.”

the Weather is warm and the nights

Who ended the night with a blanket on and laid on the bed, and it may be this weekend, the weather, temperature and pressure. For the night of Friday to Saturday will be about 10 degrees is expected. Saturday night, we will go even below 15 degrees celsius.

“The weekend is going to be really hot,” said David Dehenauw. “It will be a time of 22 to 26 degrees warm. Due to the warm air from the south. On Monday it cools down, it firmly down, and we get rain.”