Barstje of the screen? Apple is going to be for the latest Iphone, the 11 is not possible that you can have it repaired in a shop that is not approved by the company. Do you feel like it, you will be overwhelmed with the waarschuwingsschermpjes, and other reports about the American character.

In a new document, that is, when the Iphone is delivered, it is about Apple and its customers, to make broken, screen for repair, due to the so-called ‘third parties’. That’s actually the companies that are nothing to do with Apple and have to deal with. The document warns that the negative effects will be, so you will not any longer be able to use it, the brightness will suffer and it’s going to be some touchscreenfunctionaliteiten will be omitted.

And as if that weren’t enough, shares of Apple that the users who are to be notified by the persistent messages, and alerts. “There will be a message to you < / I> Lock screen the next three days. After a further fifteen days at the Institutions. And then, it is possible that the Apple of your housed in a list. For example, would Apple be able to refuse to have any other issues with your phone, and restore it.

Last month, Apple announced that there will be a greater tool, and that there are more independent shops will be for the company to be able to work. Perhaps this is a warning now that the system has to be protected.

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