Parliamentary elections in South Korea – the new life of The defector to be a former Diplomat in North Korea wants to be a member of Parliament in the South. Thomas Hahn from Tokio1 Kommentar1Ein official sorted posters of the candidates in South Korea.Photo: Reuters

North Korea will remain for Thae Yong-ho, the theme of his life. How could it be otherwise? Thae (57) has represented the Communist Regime for a long time as Vice-Ambassador in London. His pedigree made him a low profile, receptive to the lure of the free world. Nevertheless, he ran through 2016 with a wife and two sons to South Korea, wrote a revealing book, was a sought-after witness from the realm of dictator Kim Jong-un.

And the fact that he applies this Wednesday in the parliamentary elections as the first Defector to a direct mandate for South Korea’s national Assembly, has to do with his old home. In the fall of South Korea’s Navy sent two fishermen from North Korea, because they were under suspicion of murder. Without A Process. “This was so wrong, even if they are Criminals,” says Thae. Now, he is competing for the conservative opposition party, the VFP in the Seoul constituency Gangnam.

Thae Yong-ho.Screenshot of Al Jazeera

Thaes history is not greater than the actual topic of this choice. To vote, the Management of the Coronavirus-crisis government of liberal President Moon Jae-in. And it looks as if this circumstance would favor Moons camp. The number of new infections is decreased.

The Defector belonging to

Still, Thaes candidacy stands for a new Trend in South Korean society. gain The voice of the Defectors in South Korea will be louder in the fight against social inequalities between the country people from the North and the South. In 2012, Myung came in Cho-chul of the conservative NFP, the first Defector on the second votes to the Parliament. This time, the refugees from the North to provide for the first time, a Patel, the North-South unity party. And in Thae you have at once a figure of identification.

Thae Yong-ho was a North Koreans without any Worries. He lived in Denmark, Sweden, England, and enjoyed the privileges of the Elite. The escape he is seized according to its own information, because he didn’t expect his sons to refer to a system of Injustice adjust. But there will also be a relief for him to have been. As a Diplomat he had to defend a state, he says now: “there is absolutely no freedom. There is not even the freedom to be unemployed.”

As “human scum”, has referred to North Korea’s state news Agency, after the page change. A return to the North would be probably fatal. Therefore, Thae Yong-ho was troubled so, as he heard that South Korea had sent two country people from the North. Part of their election program, a law that obliged South Korea, all North Korean Refugees to be incorporated, regardless of what they have done.

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