the new country to the border is coming possibly as early as tomorrow, Friday, hundreds of conscripts to help the police, told the defence minister of Antti Kaikkonen (center).

the armed forces on behalf of the standby is to start fairly quickly, if necessary already tomorrow. Of course, this still requires the parliament’s handling.

– scale is such that we often talk about from hundred to a serviceman. In addition, the operation also required the armed forces to the position of staff input, Kaikkonen says.

Police request to come to the armed Forces today.

the servicemen would provide support to the provincial border of transport control. The police powers they don’t have.

– in Practice, talking about the different traffic control duties in the police service. The police led the operation, and the servicemen will help.

the new country’s isolation from the rest of Finland can be implemented, for example, several roads close by. But, what is done in a situation where someone is trying to keppoisen have a reason to cross the border, has yet to report.

Police consider the practical organisation, it must be from the police ask. The thing is I understand that currently the police going on.

Reservists will not need a

the Control to help incoming conscripts come Kaikkonen, according to the very southernmost of the Finnish forces. This doesn’t look like that reservists would be needed in support.

the Government presented yesterday a travel ban to the new country and the rest of Finland. The argument is that the new country corona virus infection is significantly more Finnish more. Isolation is seen to slow down the corona virus spread in the country and to prevent the medical treatment of congestion.

the Limit can be exceeded only for compelling reasons, such as a close death, the child visitation rights of, or due to the necessary need to move the provincial borders to work due to. Freight transport will continue normally.

the Government bill is still in parliament.

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