The mystery of the ufomeldingen over the city Saturday, has been cleared up. It is expected to go on to be a weather balloon from Ireland to be a student, reported to the ufo hotline.

The desk was on Saturday, from the whole of Flanders, with the majority coming from the city, and 34 reports of an “exploding ball” high in the sky. At first it was thought to be a weather balloon, but the Belgian nor the Dutch, the weather services had to be there at that moment, the balloon was in the air. But, it turns out, we went to a onderzoeksballon to go for it, it was one of the Irish students.

“An Irish correspondent, has allowed us over the course of the afternoon, knowing that on Thursday, a student at the University College Cork as a onderzoeksballon with a variety of instruments, was released. With the launch of the balloon that has happened from the met Éireann’s Valentia Observatory, which works in conjunction with the Irish meteorological service,” says Frederik Delaere, of the ufo-hotline.

The gps on the phone, it lost on Saturday to contact the top of Ghent, probably at the moment when the balloon took off. And so, this is what I observed.

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