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The Nerja Cave Foundation has announced that have been found in the cavity remains of a necklace of beads of marble belonging to a grave goods , possibly of the Neolithic age, a few pieces of perfectly circular that were dipped in red pigment.

The accounts discoidal do not exceed 4 mm in diameter and have been found in a small diverticulum for the jobs that are being developed under the umbrella of the General Project of Investigation of the Cave and by the Research Institute of the Cave of Nerja.

Some of the accounts are arranged as if they are still strung on the thread, practically in the position in which they were deposited with the deceased, possibly in a time of Neolithic.

The owner of the necklace could be a child judging by some teeth and bones of the hand are found along the circular parts and which also appear tinged with red colour.

Scrawled on the wall, next to the remains of the burial and its grave-goods, there are two oblique lines drawn with red pigment, as well as brands of this painting that “they are peers or not, may become part of the r epertoire paleolithic , and reveal a strong symbolic weight of the demonstrations rock”, according to the Foundation.

The Cave of Nerja, in the whole extent of the galleries low, open to the visiting public, it worked for much of Recent Prehistory (Neolithic and Chalcolithic) as a space to develop activities funeral.

Since their discovery, one of the aspects that most media attention was the use of the cave as a necropolis.

In fact, the young discoverers stopped their first exploration in the hall of Ghosts , on two skeletons of fossilized whose dating could agree with the last occupations of the cave.

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