The Manchester City Kevin De Bruyne took this past weekend with a 2-1 Southampton, last week, with the 0 to 9, from Leicester City, had been lost. Pep Guardiola recognises the danger of such a shift and its motivatiespeech in the tunnel says it all. “The men at the front of the race to win the men when Kevin De Bruyne.”

the ‘ Trust the process ” is the motto of Vincent Kompany, introduced in Anderlecht, has clearly been inspired by the approach of his former coach at Manchester City. For a face-off against staartploeg as Southampton highlights Pep Guardiola of the importance of “the process”. And on top of this, Kevin De Bruyne, clearly have an important role in this.

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“Play the game, play it to the end. Be positive in your intentions. Be positive. A rhythm, a rhythm with the ball in hand. Let the men at the front of the game, such as Raz (Sterling), and Kevin (De Bruyne), Sergio (Agüero), Gabby (Jesus). Kick any man to the ball to kick it, replace the ball with a good intention. Think positive guys, just keep it together until the very end. Don’t feel down guys. This competition is all about attitude, you have already many times. Continue the process of faith, only for the ball. Don’t make a wrong move. Continue the process of faith, to stay with the team for the faith.”

After that, the players are clearly opgepept the field in celebration. And Mr. a’s arm and laid it on the shoulders of De Bruyne. Perhaps it is not a coincidence.

in Spite of that speech began, the City is not big, but James Ward-Prowse opened up an early score and a pass into the slot made by Sergio Agüero, and Kyle Walker, make sure that the three points in the Manchester, mt.