up To now, it is a big mystery to the body of the deceased, the mother of the so-called ‘ English ‘spookgezin’ left off. Now, it is clear that the women in 2004 and in the deepest secret, was cremated at Zwolle, the netherlands.

That’s what happened at crematorium ” Kranenburg and, thus, confirms the director of the Fons, Submitted to the journal of the North. “The boyfriend of the woman who was with us, as a special case. It was going to be a “secret” she is in complete isolation. This means that we do not have details to be able to, at the request of the client, of the cremation. A major desire of the person.”

The woman loved ones are under the same name as they were registered in the population registry: Hye Jin Moon. Police are investigating whether she is the biological mother of six children, who for nine years in a farm house in Ruinerwold, sat. Moon passed away in 2004 at the hospital of Zwolle, the effects of cancer and cancer treatment.
More about the Spookgezin Drenthe, Parquet, through a DNA test shows the father of spookgezin’ Ruinerwold, however, that the real father is the Best friend of ‘sektevader’, Gerrit-Jan, “He wanted to have his children marry and have children, had” a Hermit in real life, an open book on the web: parents of spookgezin ” saw himself as a messenger of God, and the tamer of evil spirits, the Father of Dutch spookgezin“shopte” from a variety of ideas for a own private paradise in one another