The front-runner in 2018 and hot – not a Surprise – Modigliani and Picasso. And it is not wrong to say that it was for the two images more precisely than the 139 and $ 102 million. Picasso “Fillette à la corbeille fleurie” of 1905 wore at Christie’s, the estimate of a hundred million dollars: due to the emergence of the Transition from the blue to the pink period, including the prominent provenance from the collection of Peggy and David Rockefeller. However, it cannot be denied that the sight of the very young, very naked girl, a flower seller of Montmartre, mixed feelings can not awaken, one of which is also the purchaser in the highest price segment may be free. Similarly disappointing is the Performance of Modigliani’s work may have been for Sotheby’s “Lying Nude”, which remained significantly below its expectation of $ 150 million. The was a bit grumpy over the shoulder view model could not compete with the attractive “Nu couché” Modigliani’s, was beat in 2015, at Christie’s, for 152 million dollars, the Chinese billionaire Liu Yiquian for his Long Museum in Shanghai.

Rose-Maria Gropp

editor in the features section, responsible for the “art market”.

F. A. Z.

No Basquiat, no Bacon this year, Hopper, and Hockney on the places three and four and Brancusi as the only sculptor, and at the same time, the only returner from the Top Ten by 2017. Interesting Kazimir Malevich’s “Suprematist composition” at rank five. The painting was restituted in 2008, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the community of heirs of the artist and at Sotheby’s in New York for 53.5 million dollars in an auction, probably to a Russian buyer who paid with a premium of sixty million dollars for it. Now it is achieved at Christie’s for a hammer price of $ 76 million, quite a return on investment.


In November, announced the auction house Sotheby’s, Philipp of Württemberg acts as Managing Director for Germany and Chairman of Sotheby’s Europe and the company after twenty years leaves; he sees the time for change has come. Sotheby’s reported that it is reconsidering the plans for the future, meanwhile, Heinrich von Spreti, President of Sotheby’s Germany, once again, a leading role take. In mid-December, Christie’s said then that Loïc Gouzer is leaving his Post as Co-Chairman of Post-war and Contemporary Art at the end of the year. The Swiss will concentrate in the next few months on environmental and climate protection before he returns to the world of art; probably the Pause is also mandatory. Gouzer has been the Rainmaker for Christie’s, with his idea of “curated” auctions, their assortment is consistently eclectic, because it focuses not on knowledge, but on the Gusto of a (newly)rich clientele. Gouzer was already involved in 2015, on the sale of the above-mentioned Modigliani-acts to China. In 2017, he landed the Coup (part at least) of Leonardo’s “Salvator Mundi”, the for well $ 450 million including buyer’s premium, supposedly from the Saudi crown Prince Muhammad Bin was bought Salman for the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Why is the “world Savior” to date, in the Museum not yet to be seen, is a much beraunte question in the global art world.

so Little you know, where the “Salvator Mundi,” is currently, so little is know who the Person is that calls himself Banksy and with their Graffiti and spray painted stencil images of the international art star became. In this rather sensational outdoor auction of the year, Banksy has caused a minor scandals, as he has a copy of his most famous subject, “in the hall of Sotheby’s in London, Girl with Balloon” canvas, remote controlled by a mechanism in the frame, half in fringe scraps. Heavier damage for the company, because the buyer remained in turn at the rod and took over part of the ruined factory to the previously offered 860000 pounds. Since then, the opinion, the thing that Banksy himself to the point in “Love is in the Bin” renamed, now would be a lot more expensive there is a persistent (of value, you should not talk at all). It would be something if the market is to put this Thesis in one day, crashing down.