The 56-year-old Belgian as a plumber, Johan Van Der Heyden, who for more than four months unaccounted for, it is possible to become a victim of a horrible (robbery)murder. The police, keep in mind that the body is in the Netherlands van Steenbergen (Noord-Brabant) has been cut. The criminal investigation department, has had a Saturday in a warehouse for a blood search. It reports to the regional news medium, BN DeStem on the basis of its own investigation.

The Belgian and Dutch police have been for quite some time, at least four suspects, for the first time. Except for one, last weekend held mother (39) and daughter (18) van Steenbergen, a former boyfriend of Bergen-op-Zoom, the mother and the new girlfriend, a woman At, in, Belgium.

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According to the sources, was that Van Der Heyden was a paid sexual relationship with the defendant, from At. The prostitute and her Dutch partner, would be this past summer with the plan to make way for the plumbers to take them because they thought that he was even extremely rich had.

Johan Van Der Heyden, left, on Sunday the 2nd of June, 2019 at the latest, around 20: 30, his house is in the first String. Since then, lacking any trace.