It was in 1972 that the pretty Nathalie Baye, aged 24, took her first steps in the cinema in the film Faustine and the beautiful summer, directed by Nina Companeez. On the set of the film, the actress meets her first great love, the actor Philippe Léotard. Between them, it’s love at first sight, but the actor is already the father of two children and he shares his life with Liliane Caulier. Madness or not, Philippe Léotard decides to leave everything for his new soul mate, actress Nathalie Baye. The two lovebirds live together for almost 10 years, but Philippe Léotard goes through bad times and oscillates between alcohol and drugs.

Despite her old demons, Nathalie Baye remains alongside her companion and the two play opposite each other in the film La Balance in 1982. For their respective interpretations, the two lovers each receive a César, but Nathalie Baye decides to break up the same year. .

In 1982, Johnny Hallyday and Nathalie Baye met on the television set for a sketch called “What’s up, my pretty?” on TF1. Nathalie Baye, 35, has a bad first impression on the singer. Late, he makes her wait almost an hour and a half. Despite this, the young woman falls under the spell of Johnny, freshly separated from Sylvie Vartan with whom he spent 17 years.

Their relationship surprises because Nathalie Baye looks nothing like the singer Sylvie Vartan. The couple decides to move in together in a pavilion in Yvelines to start a family. On November 15, 1983, Nathalie Baye gave birth to little Laura Smet.

However, their relationship deteriorated little by little and the couple ended up separating after three years of relationship, in 1986.

After breaking up with the icon of French song Johnny Hallyday, Nathalie Baye is struggling to establish herself in the cinema. It was not until 1999, in the film Vénus Beauté (Institut), that the young woman gradually returned to success. The same year, she won an interpretation prize in Venice for Une Liaison pornographique.

For a while, the actress frequented Pierre Lescure, CEO of Canal. Since then, Nathalie Baye has cultivated a certain discretion about her private life. Indeed, even today, no one knows exactly how they met or the causes of their separations.


An incredible but true relationship. For a time, actress Nathalie Baye had a brief affair with French politician Jean-Louis Borloo, who was then mayor of Valenciennes. As France Info indicates, the actress began dating the politician in 1988, two years after the end of her relationship with Johnny Hallyday.

At that time, Nathalie Baye lived near Saint-Tropez with her daughter Laura (aged 5) and the famous lawyer. According to some rumors, a photographer would have managed to capture some shots of the couple, but Jean-Louis Borloo would have done everything to prevent the publication of these photos. If their love story did not last, the two ex-lovers remained on good terms.

As her success in the cinema, Nathalie Baye wallows in silence about her possible romantic relationships.

Many rumors are circulating about a possible affair with Jean-Yves Berteloot, a French actor ten years his junior. The actor, seen in Supercondriaque and in the Cain series, denies his affair with Nathalie Baye in La voix du nord in 2013: “Nathalie Baye has always been just a friend. There was never any flirtation between us”. Despite this, the rumor never died down.

Even today, the actress rarely returns to her new love affairs and no one really knows if she is in love again.