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January 24, 1966 crashing in the glacier of Bossons, in the Mont Blanc , the aircraft of Air India “managed kangchenjunga”. This accident on the highest mountain of Europe (4.810 m), located in the French Alps, it cost the lives of 117 people . Since then, the melting of the glacier raises traces periodically.

Everything seems to indicate that the last of them has found the manager of an establishment near the town of Chamonix, situated at 1,350 meters of altitude forty-five minutes to walk from Bossons.

Timothée Mottin I discovered some days ago a d ocena journals dated to the 20th and 21st of January, 1966 , among which are several headers indies as the “National Herald” and “The Economic Times”, which, in those days, announced the election of Indira Gandhi, the first woman who ruled the country.

“they Are in a phase of drying but they are very good condition . You can look,” he said to AFP Mottin, to the front of the Cabane du Hill has reported that he found specimens during a walk at the end of your service.

“There is something strange.

Every time we go for a walk glacier, we find remains of the accident . With experience you know where they are”, he stressed.

once completely dry, the valuable daily iran to join the few other pieces on display by Mottin in the grounds of your cabana . “I prefer to display them before you hide them in an attic, waiting to sell them,” he said.


Among the other vestiges that has thrown the glacier, highlight the appearance in 2017 of human remains that might belong to passengers the victims of the accident or to those of another aircraft to indian that crashed in the same place in 1950, the “Malabar Princess”, crashed in the same place in 1950.

A young mountain climber found a box of small precious stones “very likely” accident of 1966. Had emeralds, sapphires and rubies , whose price ranged between 130,000 and 246.000 euros.