The measures of Married against the squatters: prison sentences and be able to throw them in 48 hours


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The president of the PP, Paul Married, has advocated for a Law against the illegal occupation of housing that includes retrieving the crime of usurpation with penalties of one to three years prison and that is provided to the Police power to expel the “squatters” in a maximum of 48 hours.

Married, has defended this proposal in an electoral event in San Sebastian, spain after visiting the company Viralgen, dedicated to the biopharmaceutical sector, along with the candidate to lehendakari by the coalition PP+Cs, Carlos Iturgaiz. It is an initiative that the PP has already incorporated into its electoral programme in the past general elections.

the leader of The PP has pointed out that the Popular Group has already registered in the Congress a proposition of law “antiokupas” with five key points: first, retrieve the offence of theft carrying sentences of one to three years in prison. According to has been added, the PSOE “it came down to penalties”.

In the second place, it has been indicated that the PP wants the eviction on the part of the Forces and Bodies of Security of the State “can be done in 24 hours or within 48 hours “, “giving full legal security to the servers public”.

in Addition, Married, have indicated that such a law posed “to prohibit local councils allow the registration to the squats, as it is happening now.” “It is the height, is empadronan to receive social aid and are empadronan in addition to their legitimate owners will not be able to evict as it is considered to be registered as his dwelling-place,” he emphasized.

he has Also argued that the communities of neighbors, “with violent behaviors from the squats, may act directly before the courts”, as well as owners that are legal persons “may act against the occupation” . “This not only are investment funds. There are real estate, there are small, autonomous, that they all have floors and are registered as legal persons and up to now could not act,” he said.

Married has highlighted that the rule against the illegal occupation “does not affect the evictions for causes of social vulnerability or economic,” and has added that with their standard, the PP seeks to protect “classes measures savers that don’t have to see your house occupied, and, increasingly, with mafias and networks of extortion dedicated to it”.

“The issue of evictions, and mortgage social vulnerability does not operate for this. On the contrary. We maintain our proposal, as we did in the last crisis”, has gone, to ask the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, if you are in favour of proposals of this kind, or “naturalize, as would Paul’s Churches, this type of crime.”

Married has been noted that housing is an issue that “worried” in Guipúzcoa, because “lack land, lack of housing , and young people may not be emancipating,” because “the rent is too expensive” and also “the sale”.

At this point, the leader of the ‘popular’ has defended the housing plan already proposed by the PP in the general elections last November and that, in his opinion, in the Basque Country is “fundamental”.

“We need to find publicly owned land, in which they can develop housing to dedicate to a rental with option to purchase, especially for vulnerable families, numerous or single parent with dependent children or young people who want to emancipate,” he said, adding that the PP these housing program the PP wants to encourage them with deductions or rebates in the ITP or in the tax on Documented Legal Acts (AJD).