It only takes a minute: That Kipchoge was the first man to run the marathon in less than two hours to walk. The Kenyan, wrote a history of it during a hyped-up (and only prestigious) attempt with a fantastic time of 1:59:40. The new record will not be officially recognised by the IAAF.

That Kipchoge was in the Austrian capital, Vienna, vooruitgestuwd on by a crowd along the route, the Station, in the Park, a loop is 9.6 miles.

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as of The new record, however, will not be officially recognised by the IAAF as Kipchoge quite a bit of attention, and he was given less than the 41 rabbits at the disposal (including the three Norwegian brothers, Henry, Philip, and Jacob Ingebrigtsen) that one in ten of the groups aflosten and drove an electric car for the Kenyan, with a laser light to an ideal line indicated on the road.

Photo: AP < / P> to 21 km/h on average!

you can run A marathon (42,195 km), take a 1-hour, 59-minutes, and 40 seconds, has a fabulous average 2 minute, 53 per km or an average pace of more than 21 km/hr…

SEE ALSO. The Marathon is in less than 2 hours, with an average of 21 km/h: we have nothing but praise for That Kipchoge: “That’s just the running”:

Kipchoge tried it out in may of 2017, at the Formula 1 race track at Monza, in Italy. Its that time of 2 hours and 25 seconds and it was all very impressive, but it is still a little above the magic number.

The 34-year-old Kenyan, even though official world record holder in the marathon with a time-of-2u01:39, last year, set in Berlin, germany.

thank you for the science:

The attempt was not to be given lightly and was done so under the most optimal conditions. There is one part of the special arrangement of the runner Kipchoge around to get the drag up to decrease it.

In the long distance running will play it’s an important role. The so-called ins and outs, you do not only serve as pace-makers, however, are also the favorites of the wind. Thus, it may be one of haas the effect of air resistance on the second carpet, reduced by fifty per cent. The formation in which these hares run, determine the total-to achieve a reduction in the aerodynamic drag.

In the previous record attempt at Monza, then walked all the ins and outs within an equilateral triangle, and for the athlete, so the wind resistance, an estimated seventy percent was achieved. To be the aerodynamic drag, further reducing, there were over one hundred formations have been analysed using computer simulations. The best bands from this analysis were then tested in the wind tunnel of the technical university of Eindhoven. Against everyone’s expectations turned out to be the formation of an inverted V, with the 7, hare, prior to the athlete’s and the three hares, behind him, is the best option. This reduces the resistance of the Kipoche on paper by 85 per cent compared to that of a runner, without rabbits.

Photo: (photo: Bart van Overbeeke < / P> In the picture below, it is easy to see how, during the attempt, the inverted V of the test in practice, in the release. To the rear and two in the front ins and outs are finally at the competition, have been omitted. The effect on the effect of air resistance is very small, and they were changing all the ins and outs during the game to be too complicated.

“all The ins and outs will be a greater drag to be impacted by the flow resistance of the cone, while Kipchoge because of this, out of the wind, it is kept.”, is the technical explanation of the Bert, otherwise block, a professor of the Technical University of Eindhoven, the catholic university of Leuven, belgium. “In the cycling world take to the front of the pack is typically in a triangular formation. This is a good formation if the resistance of the others in the group want to reduce. It marathonrecord will need to do it to minimize the wind resistance That Kipchoge, not the hare.”

in Addition to the formation of the ins and outs, and looked to the researchers for the separation between the ins and outs and between the hare and the well-rounded athlete. Also, the effect of a rider in addition to the athletes, who give him food and drink, getting in the wind-tunnel-tested, as well as the impact of a car parked in front of the ins and outs to the car is a large clock with a maturity of.

The event was given the name, may maintain an action in 1:59 a Challenge, given that the Uk chemiereus the attempt was.