On November 24, 2022, The Man of Our Lives, M6’s new thriller series, will be broadcast. If Salto subscribers were able to discover it in preview, for other viewers, this mini-series of 4 52-minute episodes will be broadcast twice.

Inspired by real events, this series was crowned Best Screenplay at the 2022 La Rochelle Festival. Here is the synopsis unveiled by Allociné: “Camille’s life changes when the man she loves disappears overnight after emptying her bank account. She decides to find him and discovers that he is seducing other women with the aim of defrauding them. Camille will do everything to open the eyes of his blindly amorous victims to stand up against him and obtain justice. they knocked him down?”

Originally, the title role was held by the famous comedian Ary Abittan. Only, as Europe 1 reports, the actor who was to play the scammer was finally removed from the series after several days of filming.

This follows his indictment for rape after accusations by a woman. Filming began in October 2021, before this case came to light. After that, actor Jonathan Zaccaï replaced him and the scenes already shot therefore had to be filmed again, resulting in 15 additional days of filming.

Alongside Jonathan Zaccaï, a five-star cast will parade in this series. Discover all the main actors and actresses of this fiction in our slideshow