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In the Ketsersstraat in Oekene went in last Thursday for a reconstruction of the murder, which, last weekend, was carried out. Pol, M., (45), it was to be brought to the people there to show you how he and his wife, Ellen (D, ” Height (37) doodsloeg a while.

Geoffrey Sabbe.

The reconstruction was scheduled for 14: 30 but the police had already been more than an hour in advance, in the quiet, residential area. In the place of the home, a passer-by pointed out that he was not able to continue. With a little poured in, all of the parties involved, the law doctor, a gerechtspsychiater, the judge, prosecutor, and Tom Johnson, an attorney, Iris Santens and, eventually, Pol, M., (45) for yourself. He was on the spot, put it in an anonymous car to the police Riho. Which parked itself at exactly 14: 30, in the driveway of the house on the corner of the Ketsersstraat and Gareelstraat. With a jacket on his head and stepped into the Pol. M. out of the Volvo, together with the legal company to go through the door. About an hour later, at 15.45 pm, the reconstruction of the past, and it came again from outside.

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During the interview at the beginning of this week, the man had been a full confession, taken the facts of the case, which he in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the suicide. While his wife, Ellen (D, ” Height (37), in her bed, and went to the man with a iron pick with which he was then doodsloeg.

Then he wrote a letter to their 12-year-old son, in which he made it clear that the boy is not in the bedroom, you would be free to go. Himself, he was about to rob him of a life with a drug overdose, but the attempt failed. After his son raised the alarm and had been beaten, and was M. by the police and placed in the garden.

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the motive for the murder, it was clear to me. Ellen had been the week before, finally made it clear that she was going to leave, and on Sunday they would step in concrete are discussed. It didn’t come. For the woman on Sunday was to get up, she was consequently beaten to death. Tomorrow, Friday, to appear, Pol, M., on suspicion of murder before the court, which will decide on his further detention.
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