Riemst –

The police Tuesday night, a man was arrested after a domestic violence in the St. Stefanusstraat in Millen, part of the province Limburg Riemst. The man streamde the treatment and live, on Facebook. His partner in the ambulance to be evacuated.

At the live videos that have the guy on Facebook, you know, to see how he is himself shooting with a blood-stained face, the door to inbeukt and his partner in a battle of displays. There will also be children in the picture. The police Bilzen-Hoeselt-Riemst, was on the spot, and the man was arrested. The woman was transported in an ambulance. The 32-year-old man, has not yet been answered.”The defendant had images of the damage from the beating and injuries to his partner. This footage was on a live stream, on Facebook to spread,” says persmagistraat Peter Strauven, of the public prosecutor’s office in the province.

The public prosecutor’s office showed the victim a wetsgeneesheer research. In the laboratory of the federal judicial police conducted a crime scene. The woman was to be cared for at the hospital. She was not in danger. “In light of his medical condition, was the suspect in Tuesday night have not been answered will be,” says Strauven. His interview will be on Wednesday instead.