almost a year Ago, stopped the Olympic spectators of the breath. Four-tenths of a second lead after three runs, the Gold in grip width. But receipt of the curve in the ice channel of the Pyeongchang Felix Loch makes an error, the cross slide, like a petulant wild horse Rodeo equestrian: Fifth-place Olympic winner. Since then, the Athlete and the Luge seems to be a bit foreign. No victory in this season, it has not been ten years. In addition to the compatriot Johannes Ludwig competitors from abroad have the nose in the front, faster than the series winner, decorated with two gold medals in the single at the Olympic games, twelve world champion titles, five EM and six overall victories in the world Cup. The image of Pyeongchang has a symbolic meaning, is the great career in the balance?

Anno Hecker

editor responsible for sports.

F. A. Z.

Felix Loch of hotels in Winterberg is sitting in the Lobby of the Team. He seems to be relaxed just before the season’s highlight, the world Championships this weekend in the Sauerland, with the race of the men on Sunday (1. Running from 11.05 PM on ZDF). The title he needed for his Reputation. But maybe for the “rescue” of the season and for the soul. “It makes me so much pleasure as in the beginning, no question,” says hole, “But it’s not about the. It is always about the Win.“ The eyes sparkle, the biceps bulges in an arm under the tracksuit. Hole, one ninety-one long, 93 kilograms, acts in shape. His start times are glossy. Hardly a catapulted so quickly into the alley.

But in the target, the results were consistent with the image of the hole last. He made it as a Junior world champion, shot almost out of the youth room on the Königssee, in the great world of Luge sports, urged the icon, the Hackl Schorsch, to the edge of the attention on the mixed competition. Since the “wasted” Gold is something wrong between departure and arrival. “When Felix sees more minor errors in the Moment”, says Norbert Loch, in the presence of Filius. He speaks as a father, strict or worried. He speaks like a coach in the analysis of the run. Sober.