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Works of Jorge Oteiza, Pablo Palazuelo and Antonio Tapies it is located in the collection of María Josefa Huarte the Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao will display during this summer. It is a collection of 47 pieces, mainly paintings and sculptures, the patron of pamplona formed of a self-taught and following his personal taste and his interest in artists certain. A “look unique,” noted the director of the art gallery, Miguel Zugaza, focused to “the modernity of Spanish art in the second half of the TWENTIETH century” .

A sculpture of Oteiza before a picture of the Mark Rothko

Huarte, belonging to a prominent family of businessmen from navarre, based in Madrid, began his collection in the mid 50’s response in essence to trends abstract geometric and informal. In this sense, the uniqueness of its collection is due to the panoramic vision of the aesthetic that contributed to the renewal of Spanish art of the mid-TWENTIETH-century geometric abstraction, informalism, the paint is highly textured and gestural or kinetic art.

The collector understood abstraction as a way of aesthetic modernity and, in turn, as a itinerary inner and personal spirituality . As explained today, the Fine Arts, this explains their harmony with the work of Palazuelo, who in the wake of some of the first abstract, like Kandinsky, claimed responsibility for the capacity of art to generate images and metaphors capable dedesvelar the ineffable, what is hidden to our eyes. With Tàpies, Oteiza, Palazuelo is one of the artists best represented in lacolección, the three through exceptional pieces that allow you to rebuild an important part of their artistic careers .

Rodchenko red, Manu Muniategiandikoetxea – EFE

The exhibition, which has been possible thanks to the loans of the works of the Museum University of Navarra and the support of Petronor, includes pieces of 19 artists. While protruding Oteiza, Palazuelo and Tàpies there is also space for Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, Wassily Kandinsky, Eduardo Chillida, Eusebio Sempereo Manuel Millares.