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While the federations of other sports with a relevance like the basketball or the handball already have a sanitary protocol for the return of the competition, football live with uncertainty not to dispose of none, that holds it in the air the start date of the competition, and has made the good part of the clubs have decided to suspend for the time the friendlies planned for pre-season .

After meeting telematically this Tuesday, the 70% of clubs, 13 of First and 10 of Second, sent to the RFEF a request for a maximum period of 48 hours will inform if the competition will start on the 5th of September, or will be responsible and will require a financial compensation for the damage caused.

“The clubs have planned their preseason in order to start the League on 5 and 19 September, dates determined and communicated by the RFEF, and more than two months after the conclusion of the season 2019/2020 there is not even a protocol developed by it, as happens in other sports , or communication on the maintenance or not of the start of the competition,” argues the National League of Fútbol Sala (LNFS) in a press release.

The clubs you are referring to a ” indescribable lack of compliance of their organizational role “, by the Federation, “and denounce the permanent treatment of successor that you receive from this agency.”

“The clubs, which already requested the RFEF to delay the start of the competition before the outbreak of the pandemic, have become to be ignored by the court, federal and due to this lack of foresight are living with the consequences, and found no answers about its planning sports preseason without health protocols, without being able to play friendly matches, as we do not have the permission of the RFEF, and without knowing the true date of the start of the League, or the timing of pairings “, explains the note. A situation that, according to the LNFS, causes a serious prejudice, since ” the clubs can’t present a serious project sponsors, institutions, and hobbyists , which has a direct impact on their budgets, and therefore all structures of the club and the players.”

Cry especially the clubs by comparison with other federations, as those of balonceto or handball, that already have a protocol of prevention against the Covid-19 and are in full preseason and playing friendly matches.

“The clubs will sue the RFEF, as responsible of the organization of the competition, that will provide them with a sanitary protocol Anti-COVID real which can be fulfilled , with a test for the players, and that set the back securely, for technical, managerial, rest of people involved in the game and for the fans,” concludes the note.

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