the Railway Line is warning of a bogus email in which the recipient is a “to The Line, only 50 euros will be offered to you. The Line is asked to do not click on the link provided, and email to file a report with Safeonweb.

In an e-mail will be asked for some information to be delivered in exchange for The pass of € 50. It’s a fake email, and those who get in the mail is best to forward it to

The Line stresses that the promotion will only run through its own channels as well. In addition, the figure of different errors: the shown vehicle is not a bus service, Line of 50, – euro will not exist, and the illustrated chip-card is only used for subscriptions.

for More information about phishing and for tips to avoid this are to be found in
and More all over The Line, But only 1 of the 10 bus stops to be accessible by wheelchair, a Man with poor cross between the tram doors Tramchauffeur hunts cyclist: Driver was in the wrong,” the New trambussen-of-The-Line, and 24 feet long, and run from december to around