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The legacy of Federico García Lorca , a rich treasure trove of documentary and bibliographic, and a fundamental part of the history of the Spanish literature, will be protected as a Good of Cultural Interest (BIC), as stated in the Official Bulletin of the Junta de Andalucia on may 11, where he gives faith the start of the process of registration in that category. Now we just need the approval of the governing council of the Board to complete the process.

The legacy is integrated by a set of original documents , manuscripts of his poetic, dramatic or prose, books, drawings, paintings and prints, letters and photographs, discs and music scores, personal documents, administrative, or programs, among others items dated to between 1909 and 1936.

as stated in the Official Bulletin of the regional government of Andalusia, the legacy of Lorca “has no doubt cultural value (…) being exceptional in its uniqueness and integrity, historical significance, who kept the memorials and literary, representing the testimony of both tangible and intangible of an artist become a symbol and icon of the universal culture of the TWENTIETH century”.

The legacy had already been declared BIC by the Government of the community of Madrid, when I was in the Student Residence, and now they are in Granada (specifically in the Center Federico García Lorca ), the Junta de Andalucía has done the same thing. This statement protects your files, documents and belongings of the poet and ensures its unity and its conservation in optimal conditions.

With the protection of this legacy is preserved, in addition, the personal library of the writer , comprised of editions of their works published in life, issues of time and literary magazines that reflect their work intellectual, his creative career, their inclinations and aesthetic tastes, influences and the environment in which he lived. To this heritage he added other property furniture as decorations, sketches for posters, or figurines made by Salvador Dalí, Manuel Ángeles Ortiz, José Caballero, Benjamín Palencia, Emilio Grau, Ismael González de la Serna or Ramón Gaya, among others.

Laura García Lorca , director of the centre of granada and niece of the poet, the declaration of BIC is “the end of a process that began when my aunt Elizabeth brought us together six nieces and nephews to tell us about the creation of the Foundation and ask us to donásemos the material. Thanks to her, the Foundation has gathered all the legacy of Frederick, and has preserved, studied and made available to researchers.”

Laura García Lorca highlights the current role of the “Centro Garcia Lorca, a project of many years that is finally open, and that is why same satisfaction is the recognition that the declaration BIC’s supposed to emphasize the importance of the file, which is there preserved, in the heart of our building, where we demonstrate every day that the work of the poet is still alive and present artistic projects about what the work of Lorca suggests”. The programming includes exhibitions of continuous their own funds but also “proposals of great force in music, theatre, research and conferences, as well as contemporary art that makes the Center a unique place” in memory of Federico.

For this reason, for the descendant of the poet, “makes all the sense in the regional government of Andalusia granted the maximum level of protection to the file. It is not that will add security, since that has always been safe, from the creation of the foundation, because that was his function, but with the declaration of BIC acknowledge the effort of the family and the Foundation to achieve that in Granada, in its natural site, may become a reality a project like this center, that is made to the extent of the file.”