as Rudy Giuliani’s personal lawyer, Donald Trump, and has, unintentionally, two of the voice mail messages left on the phone of a journalist. In the messages it puts Giuliani’s money, you need it Trumps a rival, Joe Biden, to.

The messages that were left on the phone of the American, NBC News reporter Rich Schapiro. The first voice is dated the 28th of september, and lasts for about three minutes. To hear a conversation between Giuliani and a man. Is the lawyer He reply showing the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

Giuliani reiterates, furthermore, the allegations that Biden, as the vice president, in a corruption investigation into his son-in-Ukraine-would have been stopped. “He did the same thing in China. He tried to do the same in Kazakhstan and Russia,” says Giuliani in just two months time, according to NBC News.

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“A few hundred thousand dollars are needed”

a Few days later, on the 16th of October, he left the Giuliani again by mistake a number on the back of the phone, by Schapiro. Also, at that time, he has been in conversation with an unidentified man. “Tomorrow, you have Japan to address it. You’ll have Robert call, you hear the sound of it. Who he is, it is not entirely clear, but it is the point of contact between Giuliani to let you know that the man was at the time in Turkey is.

“The problem is that some of the money needed,” responds Giuliani. After a few seconds of silence, specify Trumps the lawyer: “We have had a few of the hundreds of thousands of dollars are needed.”

What will happen in the remaining 40 seconds of the voicemail message is still being told not to do.

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