The Lara Theatre raises the curtain


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Someone had to be first. And the Theatre Lar , the Bombonera, one of the spaces with the highest pedigree of Madrid, is the first theater of the “commercial circuit” private capital to open its doors. is Antonio Fuentes , director, is justified: “it has Not been easy, but what I want is to give work to the profession.” The Lara opens its doors with the due caution: audience with masks, maximum capacity of 75%, dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel, disinfection of the premises after each function… “has been opened -added Sources- a new departure , via calle San Roque to the output of the public to be more spaced out as possible, The priority right now, is that viewers feel comfortable”. To do this, in addition, the theater has waived one of their hallmark in recent years: the multi-function: “ single will be a feature for the day , and two on Saturdays; but with more time between function and function”, says Sources.

But in a theater, what’s important happens on the stage. And the Lara re-opens its doors with ” Cadiz “, a function written by Fran Nortes , himself one of the actors next to Nacho Lopez and Bart Santana . The address is Gabriel Olivares . It is a work that was premiered before the confinement in the small Room, the Lara, the named Lola Membrives. “It is,” explains Olivares – the story of three friends immature, and how it is affected when one of them wins 4 million euros in the lottery.” The show, he explains, is basically the same, although the situation has been incorporated in some way to the action -the actors, for example, put on face masks when they have to go down to the stalls-.