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The King has urged Thursday to seek “reflection and harmony” in books, in history and in culture. In a moment of high tension, politics, improvisation and disorientation generalized by the crisis of the pandemic, Don Felipe has called to “seek the light that lights the way” and “to know the path embarked upon by other people before.” “We want the seed of the desire to learn and to learn about pledge on all citizens. The one who learns, who want to know, is more near to understand what’s going on,” he said.

Don Felipe has made this call in the National Library , where he has chaired a meeting with Doña Letizia. They were accompanied by the minister of Culture and Sport, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, director of the Library, Ana Santos Aramburo, and the president of the Board of trustees of the Library, Soledad Puértolas, and via the internet have been joined by academics Carme Riera, and Inés Fernández Ordoñez.

Although the King has encouraged to be aware “of the path embarked upon by other people before,” he warned that “the road is always surprisingly new. Different for each person. At different times”. “For that reason, there are the libraries -has told-, for that there is our National Library of Spain, a constant invitation to find the light that lights the way.”

Don Felipe has pointed out that the main reason of the National Library is “the preservation of the ideas and of the creation” and, therefore, “at this moment, as complex, this institution must be one of the references that guide us”.

After more than 300 years of its foundation, has said, the King, the National Library “remains faithful to its fundamental mission and, at this time, it wants to be, more than ever, a place in which citizens can find the ideas and the supports that they need, a space of reflection and harmony”.

In his speech, the King also advised that, apart from preserving books and newspapers, “it is very important to preserve for the future a good part of what is happening in the present” on the internet . “Fails to do so, those documents, that information even, would disappear and with them, a important part of this time is so intense and ever changing that we are living in, whose consequences we still can’t foresee everything, but that seems destined to produce transformations relevant in our society and in our habits.”