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Computers, agendas, piles of papers, books, tablets… they have invaded the houses with telework. Create a good space is key to concentrate and perform better. The renowned interior designer Nuria Alia points out that you turn that little corner of work in an ideal place it is possible if you take into account some of the keys. Ideas that also match Monica White, of Mogo Design, specialist in Home Staging.

“The lighting is the most important thing to help concentration and productivity. I Advise to look for natural light, put a small table near a window is going to help us that the space may have life and energy. It is ideal to have a load to be able to sift the intensity. And if we need artificial light is better than more cold, which favors the concentration, although without going too far,” says Nuria Alia.

If we take into account that we are going to spend around eight hours in that space, the comfort and the ergonomics deserve special attention. “For the table can be used from the dining room to a desktop.But the chair has to have support and be as comfortable as possible. Today there are options ergonomic without sacrificing design,” says Nuria, who insists on the importance of the organization and have everything at hand, as shown in the picture your own home office: “to Have a cork or a panel where you can write, make schedules, planning, inspirations or phrases motivating, help you achieve that comfort.”

the walls to put corks, racks or furniture storage are a great ally of the order

it also insists Monica White: “Should be a convenient location so that libraries and bookshelves should be at hand to easily be able to access everything you need, so you don’t have to get up. is it Is necessary to dispose of plugs and good wifi signal, in order for the work to flow normally”. In addition, he points out that when choosing the location is important to “help the concentration, and flee from areas close to the television or corridors where there are more distractions. But above all, this will be one where the person feels comfortable.”

Nuria Alia stresses the importance of details and colors. “What is really going to help us to want to spend time in a space, it is what it conveys, and that’s what we’re going to get with the details and colors. The neutral tones are good and if you are energetic, better not tired. is Making a small still life decorative helps to make this space more enjoyable, with some coloring books, a small sculpture, a cup with pencils of colors or any plant is you get a cozy feeling”. Monica White concurs: “it must Never be like the corner more strange of the home, but be incorporated with the rest of the decor”.

More requests for projects

In DesignBcn, specialists in office equipment, they are convinced that telecommuting has come to stay and that, in the current context where the restraints could be repeated, there will be many those that will have a new home office. “They have increased the requests for projects to create spaces for professional use within homes.

Many people have realized that you do not have an appropriate site to be able to develop their daily work”, notes José Ibánez, who acknowledges that it has increased the demand of projects: “There are those who have a small apartment and are looking for an economic solution and occupying little space, even with folding tables and chairs folding. Others, opt for to mount a room as an office or individual to the family, to be shared to an office and study area. From DesignBcn bet always by renderings of the space, showing how it would be with the distribution and the selected furniture”.

And for those looking for a solucioón fast and online, already there are on sale special offer for designing a home office as it offers Decotherapy, from where you need that “as we do not know how much longer it is going to lengthen the current situation, we need to devise our home office with the same demands that the work in our office as usual. The result of our work should have the same requirements and quality, so that the space where we should be at the height”.