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we’re Going to win. It is an affirmation of an important man in the Real Madrid. There is a lot of faith in their possibilities, a moral infinite. The League title has transformed the internal feeling of the players white. The championship seemed to be lost in march after the defeat in the Villamarín, in addition to the fiasco suffered against Levante two weeks before, and the final victory has been a turning point for the template. In the forum internal club ensures that the joy of the wardrobe has been superior to other successes, because they wanted to win the Spanish championship, the tournament he loves the coach, and because the return of the great triumphs was the confirmation of a change of chip in the white kitchen, in need of results.

The League has injected the necessary confidence to attack the goal of the Champions league in the belief that the comeback is possible. After the 1-2 at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid need to beat by two goals to Manchester City. These are the keys that analyze Zinedine and his right hand, Bettoni, for the blow at the Etihad , pretty in pink, with the new equipment.

The strategic dilemma facing

The system 4-5-1 we came out well in the Supercopa of Spain and also applied in the recent visit to Granada, the last great stumbling block to hunt for the League. The coach of Real Madrid meditates begin the end of Manchester with five midfielders to have possession of the ball, dominate and score an early goal that put the tie in the eaves, at a distance. The diatribe is to choose that tactic initially and enter ends in the second time, or to start directly with three points to open the football for the bands. If the schema is the 4-5-1, Valverde and Hazard would play with Benzema as the tip fixed. If the chosen idea is the 4-3-3, Rodrygo and Hazard would be extreme.

Risking to mark

The message of Zidane must be well understood. There are two goals and, for a time, the motto of the goal zero is not a high priority, because the crucial thing is to break the tie with a much. The philosophy is that, if he gets a goal, things would not change much and should not lower arm, thus it is imperative to get two targets and a 1-2 would force an extension. The first goal is clear and it is not easy to instill in the team, used to defend perfectly to achieve to be the best rearguard in the League.

Midfielders: throw-to-door

Is a request that Zidane makes Kroos, Modric and Casemiro and, each time running more times, but not enough. You do not want to seek always to Benzema or to the ends, you want to them to top also. The coach requires them to shot on goal from far away, from out of the area. Have that surprise, because the Real Madrid football is very elaborate and usually looks at the front.

Casemiro, above, to break

The meeting of the Etihad is the stage of tactical is ideal for the brazilian forward yards and turn into the interior, rising with his power and breaks with the walls or gunshots. Zidane asked him on other occasions such a mission and has scored goals or has caused, because the rivals do not have studied in their defensive strategies in the rise of the centre-half real madrid. His contribution offensively is key in this match in need of goals.

Hazard, chief of the offensive

The belgian performed a physical preparation special to get in good shape to the encounter. Zinedine wants to that man that will break with his runs diagonally from the left, with the ball glued to the foot, to create plays and to enter the area with the balls by satin. Its walls are more necessary than ever.

Benzema, exercise only “nine”

The challenge of the two goals means that, on this occasion, Zidane wants his compatriot to be only one central striker, for always a striker in the offensive actions of the team. You do not want to open down the flanks, because many times the center back of the actions that Benzema generated in their “associations” do not have another striker that the ends.

Varane and Casemiro, relating to the air

in the absence of Ramos, the central French and the pivot south will be the references in the plays to stopped ball, which are a factor important in soccer of Real Madrid. Modric and Kroos will focus each time on one or the other to get the head butt deadly. The novelty is that Militao can be added to the strategy of the actions aerial attack to open a third front and to complicate the watches tested by the men of Guardiola, who has studied the Real Madrid in all the details.

Carvajal and Mendy, on the attack

The sides are dominating the hardest job in the scheme of all white, because they are really extreme pure which then have to drop down to defend. It is a hard labor, up and down, demanding. Zidane wants both penetrate to the area for their bands and shoot on goal if they see it feasible, as did Mendy in Granada. You need the whole team to dare in the auction. Calls for less development and to seek effectiveness in each attack, the less light-headed partridge and wild hunt to the first. The coach requests that all of its students to be front in power. It is a change in the general perception of the game of the team, a few variants that must surprise the opponent.

Two extremes fresh at the time of the party

Zidane intends to introduce at the time of match ends two new ones that provide speed when the opponent starts to accuse the wear of the encounter. Asensio will be one of them. Felt in splendid form and there are to take advantage of their shooting, one of the best of the template. Them to leg changed is another of their ideas, to try to always shot.

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