The jungle camp-Finale on RTL: Fremdschämen until the last day


    at the Latest, as Evelyn Burdecki pushed a living Scorpion in the mouth, it at a stroke, chewed and then exultant and blissful at the moderators for this great, great idea thanks, was also the last viewer is clear: This woman is the jungle Queen. The 30-Year-old, the SideShow for a few years through all the possible TV shows, it could have been so very different. As the self-proclaimed Life coach Bastian Yotta, for example, a few days earlier at a similar chilling Ess test, its specially-created True-man-Image was not at all fair, and while his minutes-long Sulk looked as if he would RAM the moderators in the ground. But not Evelyn! Announced on the last day: “I’m here in the Bush, and I’m going out as a Bush wife.” Such a promise you must keep.

    And so ran by Evelyn at the end of “Oh my God” and “Thank you” circle of she was accordingly set ums extinct camp fire, until finally, the oversized crown on the blond head.

    “With penises, I’m not like that.”

    The jungle camp never disappoints. On the last day of RTL squeezed again, everything in the show, what went on in fear and disgust: cockroaches in the face, and crocodiles in the attack mode, lamb brain on the plate. And of course The infamous camel penis. Hallelujah! Or as Evelyn says: “With penises, I’m not like that.” In addition to the Scorpio and a VAT full of cow-urine cockroaches-mixture was, however, the only thing you got. The lamb brain, served on a whole sheep’s head, came to her after a few seconds. No matter. Even the moderators who do like jokes below the belt line, had compassion.

    Not so Evelyn’s Mitfinalisten, the GZSZ actor Felix van Deventer and singer Peter Orloff. Guts? Brain? In normal life, eat constantly! But that was the only approach of a conflict, the RTL-viewers got to see on this final day. The conflict-prone Camper they had already chosen all of them out of the jungle. Whether it is the longing for a nice, heal the world? Or because you had a nose full of curry sausage stall operator Chris Töpperwien, fancied himself and his Ego sure as hell in the finals, and his pubertal dispute with Bastian Yotta (“The said, I’m gay”)? Anyway, they had chosen the three most sacred of candidates to the final.