The jobs you had to do this year to be (very) well paid


Do you belong to the very closed club of the highest paid French people? In June 2022, the Observatory of Inequalities published a composite portrait of well-to-do France, the one that benefits from a substantial salary and enjoys a high standard of living. It has also taken an overview, informs Ouest-France on its site, of the ten professions which could prove to be the most generous (in terms of salary, of course), at the end of the current year. More information about this in our slideshow, which you will find at the end of this article.

Inequalities, which affect the country but also the rest of the world, remain at the center of questions even today. The tax on super-profits, which some members of the government are now considering, is the most obvious illustration of this, underlines the evening daily in its edition of August 31, 2022. On average, recalls the organization, 4.7 million people – or 7.1% of the total population – can be considered wealthy in France. Very concretely, this means that they earn between 3,673 euros and 7,700 euros at least depending on the composition of their tax household (single, couple; with or without children).

As La Nouvelle République explains on its website, some American researchers think they have found the solution to reduce social inequalities. It is a question, underline our colleagues… of promoting a “social mix” through inter-class friendship. Be careful, however, not to think that such a track could be enough. For Louis Maurin, who precisely directs the Observatory of inequalities, we must be wary of a “utilitarian vision of inequalities”. Be careful not to make one “condition among many others” the mother of all problems…