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The International Sailing Federation -World Sailing- has cancelled today the World Championship Offshore (race offshore) by 2020, which was supposed to hold next to the Rolex Middle Sea Race from 12 to 20 October in La Valletta (Malta) because of the pandemic of the COVID-19.

One of the problems created by the pandemic of COVID-19 has forced the postponement of the production and distribution of vessels ‘charter’ (for rent) L30 One Design in the whole of Europe, and have disrupted the ability of the National Federations to conduct qualifying events and choose teams that should compete in the event.

Due to these difficult circumstances, the World Sailing has decided that the most prudent and fair to cancel the edition 2020 of the World. The event is expected to have equipment of crews mixed of 20 nations on various continent.

In this way, the first edition of the World Championship will take place in 2021, also if it is possible next to the Rolex Middle Sea Race, which has a tour with departure and arrival at The Valletta circling the island of Sicily by the north after crossing the strait of Messina, with a distance of 606 nautical miles (1.122 km)

The proposed format for the World was the same as that used for the competition with the boat keel on the high seas in the Olympic Games of Paris 2024. Although it is not officially approved, the boat will be used is the L30, a monotype designed by the olympic gold medalist and world champion Ukrainian Rodion Luka and the slovenian Andrej Justin.

it Has a length of 9,20 meters (30 feet) a magician of 2.54 meters and a keel of 1.90 meters with a displacement of 1,820 kg, The biggest problem for the national Federations is that their cost is 120,000 euros, an expense almost unaffordable for many countries in a single boat.

For the World that has now been cancelled, the World Sailing provided, for rent, 20 L30 for the equipment for a regatta that was scheduled to last approximately 4 days and 3 nights. The only precedent in Spain in this type of competition is in fifth place in the European 2019 played the past month of October in the waters of Venice (Italy), with a crew formed by Ana Santamaría and the sailor transoceanic Guillermo Altadill.