Two of the goals, and a lot of discussion with a ploegmakker, and a shamefully racist time in the world, outside of Italy itself by silencing the others. Romelu Lukaku, in his first month in Italy and already have a lot of experience. And then in his first Milan derby between AC and Inter will be today, Saturday, the climax was yet to come.

AC Milan 21/09 20:45 Internazionale-Click here to view the features Coach Antonio Conte put his striker to get a hearty cheer by his press conference and, especially, the self-present racism in Italy is on the cards.

“The problem is that there are a lot of people go to the stadium to the opponent to insult and not to allow their team to support them. I was three years old in the uk. As a fan, there is something to do, put not a foot, more in the box. There is so much hatred, so much animosity and racism is even more amplified. It has been deteriorating. That is, we need to be seen to be doing.

More about Serie A is The wrong “Size-effect”: The suffering of the past season millions of the loss of Romelu Lukaku and team-mate at Inter, had to be in the room to be taken apart Apengeluiden for Lukaku? Cagliari is in Italy, without penalty, due to the “non-discrimination” Apparent-a Belgian is set to take the club out of Serie A is about to take over