Unpleasant news for the American President Donald Trump: His longtime Confidant Roger Stone was arrested on Friday in Florida. Trump’s former campaign adviser, is accused of obstruction of investigations, such as the office of the special investigator Robert Mueller said on Friday. Stone is said to have made several false statements. In addition, he is said to have tried to influence a witness.

Stone dismissed the accusations, after he had been left a few hours after his arrest, subject to conditions. He stressed that he would not be a burden on Trump, because he’d have to lie. “I believe that this is a politically motivated investigation.” During his appearance in front of journalists in Fort Lauderdale stretched Stone with both hands in a Victory sign.

the FBI Team around Mueller examined whether there was in the presidential campaign of 2016, agreed in the Trump camp with representatives of Russia. Trump lashes out at the Russia-investigations regularly as a “witch-hunt”. Stone is in the investigations of several accused from trump’s direct environment.

connection to hacker’s attack

Stone had worked 2015 for Trump in the preparations for the presidential campaign of 2016. He was then in close contact with him, as a kind of informal adviser.

The allegations against him are in connection with a hacking attack on the E-Mail accounts of the Democrats during the election campaign of 2016, for the US-secret services of Russia. In the attack E-Mails from democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is stolen, which were later published by the Wikileaks revelations.

Mueller’s Team before throwing the Stone, before the us Congress false information about what he knew about the hacker attack and with whom he communicated about it. In addition, he is said to have a other witnesses harassed, to make false statements in the case.

conditionally released

In the versions of the Mueller-office, Stone was employed in 2016, in consultation with – unspecified – representatives from trump’s campaign-Team with the question of whether and how further incriminating Material could be released against Clinton.