the Chinese academy of sciences and the american North Carolina university (go to another service) scientists say they have found a dinosaur skull songs to tens of millions of overseas cartilage cells and their structures, which affect the chromosomes in the evening. Staining experiments found indications of DNA, they tell me.

If the results confirm other studies, it is a huge time jump DNA studies, up to 75 million years back. So far, the scientific community is skeptical, because DNA preservation deadline stretched to nykykäsityksestä skyrocket.

Fossilized skull of the songs belong to the cretaceous period to life for Hypacrosaurus stebingeri -saurusten for the chicks. Hypacrosaurukset were a duck beak sauruksia, large herbivores, which is known by two species from Canada and the united states.

as an Adult they grew up to more than nine metres and nelitonnisia, but the skull of the songs are from the babies, whose lives ended soon after hatching. Individuals young age because the skull was not bone but cartilage.

“my Heart almost stopped”

the Skull fragments were found in the 1980s, the state of Montana in the united states and was put in the warehouse. Now they gave new information about the new method.

the Chinese academy of sciences paleontology Alida Bailleul found one song from the edge of the cartilage tissue something, which he could not conclude anything other than cells.

the Two of them were stuck together in a way that is typical of cell division the last step. In a single cell shows elongated structures that resemble chromosomes, genetic material.

– I couldn’t believe it. My heart almost stopped, the research led to Bailleul describes the moment of observation.

After another in the same nesting area to hatch the hypacrosauruksen skull songs underwent immunological and histokemiallisia experiments, the cartilage cells with the surrounding extracellular matrix were observed in response to collagen antibodies. That collagen type 2 is the most common among all vertebrates, the cartilage in the.

the Results support the conclusion that the dinosaurs have been preserved of the original tissue protein remnants, researchers say.

for Individual tissue cells to do the staining experiment for DNA detection. Some cells were found to staining in the same way – although haaleammin than the current emujen cells, which was done for comparison the same tests.

research article the lead author, North Carolina university molecular biology Mary Schweitzer , does not claim unequivocally, that the discovery is DNA. He said he didn’t want to promise too much, but in the cells, however, is something that behaves chemically the DNA way.

cartilage if its secret?

the Dinosaur fossils have previously been isolated luusoluja, but the cartilage cells found is new.

the authors of the Study speculate that the structures have been preserved because the cartilage is not porous. Inside it, isolated the micro-environment, cells are protected against outside influence, they concluded.

– Results are part of the growing evidence, according to which the cells and some of their biomolekyyleistä can last very long periods of time, balle the said.

He hopes the results inspire other researchers to find out whether the tiny tools primary for DNA preservation too cramped.

the scientific community suspects

the scientific community approached the National Science Review (you move to another service) in the journal published study the least doubt, as DNA is sensitive to self-destruct from too much temperature or acidity of the.

the Skeptics are speculating that a recent study sample may have been contaminated subsequent bacterial DNA. Or perhaps the staining test was invalid positive result, as has happened sometimes before, skeptics say.

Schweitzer and her colleagues think they are a bunch of throws that were not supported by evidence. Bacteria won’t even produce collagen, so they are not able to cause contamination, Schweitzer said.

the Incumbent according to the understanding of DNA preservation membership comes with practice frontier against less than a million in a year. Under the best show possible conditions DNA has a half-life time calculated on the basis of destroyed 5.3 million in a year.

the Old completely elucidated genome is 700 000 years ago. The yukon from Canada been found in a horse’s leg were buried in permafrost for preserved in good enough condition, so that it was assembled throughout the animal’s genome.

Last autumn in Copenhagen (you move to another service) and Cambridge universities (you move to another service) the researchers reported venyttäneensä DNA detection limit of 1.77 million years behind the new method, by examining the proteins.

Proteomiikassa “read DNA, when DNA is not readable”, the design methods developed at the university of California (switch to another service) forensikko Glendon Parker.

the Studied sample was a merck – namely, Stephanorhinus-rhino tooth enamel bit. The DNA that was lost a long time ago.

in the Actual DNA in the investigation of the molecular genetic material amplified, until it can be read from the base – i.e. the nucleotide sequence. Although replication is successful up to a hundred thousand-fold, ancient DNA is still rarely enough or it is not preserved sufficiently well to get a result.

the Protein is a lot of DNA more stable, and stable it is just the teeth enamel in. Rhino enamel samples of protein amino acid sequences was carried out mass spectrometry. When they were clear, they concluded the DNA sequence with which they occur.

New methods can tell our species from the past

the Method is expected to increasingly benefit from paleontology and archaeology in addition to the criminal investigation. One of the most interesting research topics are the people in the early stages.

We modern humans and the extinction of sister species, our neanderthal and denisovan people root is so far the clarity on the far how the 400 000 years ago.

earlier human species kinship has been concluded mainly just anatomy issues. Proteomics can be showing us Homo erectus the offspring or, alternatively, tell, did our species common offspring.

merck’s rhinoceros the skull of the find Smania from Georgia. Deandre Kiladze / the Georgian national museum

merck rhinos were two-horned, its highest level in more than kolmitonnisia creatures that became extinct last ice age began.

the species was considered to be better known relatives, only after the ice age killed the woolly rhinoceros ancestors to.

Places in the family tree go to protein research again. The species turns out they’re sisters, about Nature (you move to another service) in the journal published research.

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