Legendary Zurich Discos – The “In-Charge” of the crafty dandies of The Clubs, the dance floors empty, the DJs at home. Time to rummage in the history box of the night life. Part 4: The Revolution.Thomas Wyss1 Kommentar1So was in Zurich in the early Seventies in front of a scene-the shed – in the middle of Revolution-owner Hans-Ruedi Jaggi (with glasses on the hood).Photo: Sam’s Collection,

Actually, we are coming to Yes on the time axis is already at the end of the 1960s. And yet, we jump back again rapidly a bit, specifically in the Era of the club Embassy at the Stadthausquai, where from 1965 to Pichi of Zurich, probably all of the first DJ played (see part 2 of this series).

reason is an indication of Hardy Hepp, Protagonist from part 1. He wrote to us, namely, that the DJ-a pioneer in the Embassy at that time, only a record player was available. As Pichi stopped because after a couple of months to try yourself as a Leader of the beat band Pichi & The lime lights, took Hepp the DJ Job. As a music Aficionado that he was, was he the Patron of Leo Scheuble not just a brand-new DJ-mixer, but also two turntables install (the Stephan Loewensberg, Filius of the painter Verena made by the way Loewensberg, the Zurich Concrete was one of Max Bill, Richard Paul Lohse and Hans Coray for the core).

And so we can today joyfully right: Pichi was Zurich’s first DJ, Hardy Hepp, however, of the first Helvetic flower power-Festival Love-In, organized, and a year later moderated in September 1967 at the Zurich Allmend to the Fera with “Hits à gogo” is also the first Swiss television broadcast in color was the first local DJ, the ineinandermixte the Songs, as is Standard today.

From the lamp seller of the Dandy

Voilà, and thus to the last promises that were made in part 4 to those “little big man” is not present, the brought the rolling Stones (1967), Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Burdon (1968), as well as Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali (1971) to Zürich, but in the Chreis Cheib, starting in 1969, the Revolution operation of the according to this man, “by far the largest Pop-Club of Switzerland”.

Such grossmäulige slogans were apparently typical for Hans-Ruedi Jaggi: He was only 1,62 metres – what is already at school, the Nickname “Pfüpf” entered the he had, however, not get rid of – but his Ego and bravado, it is called, “legendary gigantic” have been. In this way, as well as with a lot of Charisma and Cleverness be a truly dazzling career of the butcher’s son from oberengstringen.

Big flap and big heart: Hans-Ruedi Jaggi, who was not afraid, according to the companion “in front of Mighty, and, when it counted for his friends was there.” Photo: Sam’s Collection,

it all began with an apprenticeship as a lamp seller in Jelmoli, followed by a job as a waiter in the notorious Milieu of the Local Black Ring at the Jug end. In the following years, slipped Jaggi, according to eyewitnesses and companions in different roles, such as Agent Provocateur, Dandy, impostors, small-time criminal, a Promoter, a smooth operator, or gambling.

to Add to his penchant for sleek or classy cars, which he used as a status symbols, to use came. May the various publications is to be believed, the about the extravagant life of Jaggi reported that he owned a Jaguar E-Type, a Ferrari – plus, the highlight: a Bentley with a private driver! How Sauterelles – and crocodile-drummer Düde Dürst remembered, was the Chauffeur for the brother of Susi Birrer, Secretary of Jürg Marquard, editor of the music paper “Pop” and later Self-made millionaire.

The Journalist and author Eugen Sorg wrote the film biography of Hans-Ruedi Jaggi, who died in 2000 at the age of 59 years; and that the book is not published for legal reasons until today.

In the back rooms of the Revolution was also a gambling house, in the supposedly dangerous high penny was gambled.

Back to Club Revolution. The establishment of the Zwinglistrasse had existed under the name Crazy Girl even before 1969. Known it had become by the fact that the bouncer Jimi Hendrix after his performance at the “Monster concert” was denied at the indoor stadium in may 1968 the entry (see part 3). Jaggi developed for its Pop-Club is a pretty “special”, but quite clever concept: during the day, the Revolution was a Café in the morning, the circle-4-Büezer incorporated your liquid mid-morning snack and in the afternoon the seniors to have coffee and cake met. In the night it was then on to the Disco, and in the back rooms, in addition to the (of course secret) game of hell, said to be also dangerously high of money gambled was.

The authorities that they had felt of Jaggis activities and actions have always provoked, were just waiting for an excuse to his “In-Store” seal. When one day one of the Revolution-was a waiter sold a guest with LSD and discovered it was happening – nearly three years after the Start of the Club was closed.

Like the woman in the “pajamas” to the concert of Emerson, Lake & Palmer

came To our joy we had the last part of this series, with the correct position of an attentive reader to conclude. This time it gets even better – the reader Susanne Kopp has sent us a letter because she knew the great image of the club plate 27 – that is what we want here, of course, necessarily again show – again.

schwofende reader Susanne Kopp in the “pajama Look”, recorded at the age of 20 years at the Club plate 27.Photo: Museum of communication

she writes: “last week, I discovered a photo of me, taken in the Club plate 27. “I’m 20 – oh, in my pajamas-Look!”, their spontaneous determination (our opinion: Le dernier cri! And you are fully “in the Groove”, which is well recognized). More Mrs. Kopp reported that she had been with her sister more often in the Blow Up of the schoeffel alley. And on a visit you will remember particularly well, because the doorman did not want to leave that Evening, “the long-haired Sauhunde” (his term for three standing in front of him, English-speaking men) have pure.

Kopp: “I realized Emerson, Lake & Palmer, hurried to the door and shouted: “You Ignorant, this Band is playing tomorrow at the indoor stadium!” So you couldn’t get in, thanked me, and sat to us. There were two free tickets for the concert and an invitation for the After-Show Party. The concert we enjoyed, but to the Party we went to, we did not want to be “Groupies”. Warm Greetings, Susanne Kopp.”

We want to thank you for the wonderful letter and welcome. And even if we admit that we are the Party review (of course!) very happy to have read, we are full of respect, the hat – in the Knowledge that a conservative estimate, probably 98 percent of the ladies for the “Groupie”variant would have to be decided.

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