tomorrow I have a Home Office! Such a set is prevalent in many companies. You can remain accessible via email, Chat and telephone, you make it in time for Kita, and after the evening meal, maybe an hour on it.

Now the SPD wants to create a legal entitlement to work from home. The virtual work in the Tech industry is not without controversy: Some of you may recall the harsh turn of former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s return, they ordered the employees back to the office. Instead of how in the digital utopia of Excel tables on a Sunny boat piers, or to fill trendy cafes, you had to even in the digital group again between the roll container.

The SPD, it says now to know better: Whoever sees as the boss, the Team dear at the Desk, to create the future in writing. This is the great freedom with the whip. Well possible that many a Chef from a mere Tradition to presence. This is one of entrepreneurial freedom – and is sometimes combined with the risk that the employees are looking for a more modern head. More paperwork makes Germany, but also non-digital.