you may Also use AA Gent was the city of Bruges, the train is not completed. The Battle of Flanders, was easily won by the Club with a 4-0 lead, which took advantage of the festival to a lack of care in the defense of the Buffalo, but with moments of wonderful played. The Club remains the leader, with a match less played, and the Gent follows the six points.

a Nice poster of it on Sunday afternoon. Both Club Brugge and Gent have been in this season several times already regarded as the best footballing teams in Belgium and the two teams were in the Jan Breydel themselves out. Thorup threw it out of his system, and the Gent was not you?: it was a driemansverdediging, and a strengthened civil society. Clement gave up the faith in the same eleven, which is a point picked up against Real, with, Dennis, Tau, and Diatta in the base.

it was soon clear that the Gent was a difficult afternoon was in store for. After a couple of injections towards Mignolet had to be at the Buffalo’s back, and, after eleven minutes, was the Gent is already in debt. Diatta was Vanaken – alone, with a good cross from the right, the wheel was in its fifth competitietreffer of the season, in.

for half an hour, it was the city’s dominance turned into a double edge. The Tau and Dennis were only able to Kaminski does not finish after the ultimate in space-saving storage of a Plastun, for which, however, he was unable to prevent that, Diatta and the rebound scored. After that point, could the Tau not on, the Writers thought it would be to replace it.

as for the rest, it’s actually 3-0 should be, but Writers like Dennis could be their big opportunity does not to finish. In ghent, where the defensive errors piled up, were I had a reason to complain, then it is a pure penaltyfout by Mechele on Yaremchuk, not the whistle, it was. The city defender off the bone Yaremchuk clear the way, but the ref Lardot as a VAR, Laforge did not move (the image below). It’s an outrage. The disadvantage, of Ghent, was the peace, nevertheless, be justified. The Buffalo saw this in the back of an asterisk against the quick strikers of the Club. The procedure of Thorup showed after 45 minutes and have already been anything but successful.

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The spelbeeld changed after the stress. On the contrary, in Ghent, was more kwakkelen in the back. First time, forgot all about Diatta to score after, Kaminski was an attempt of the Writers had been caught, but later decided to Plastun with a helping hand. The Oekraïner left is far too easy to trump up by Dennis, who is Ngadeu is still relegated to the cone, and impregnable defences.

the Gent seemed to be sentenced to a punishment, and will Thorup was suddenly, once again, with a strange power. Depoitre on the bench with a slight knee injury when sudden raids on the position of the Buffalo that had been lost to it. Ghent, however, has become increasingly important for. The Club went a little bit nonchalanter to play, but the benefit did the visitors. Mignolet had to be limited to a few stuck balls, and a rescue from an acute angle.

Depoitre (Photo: Photo News

The slotkwartier gave birth, eventually, to a mouse. The Gent was no longer, the Club had checked and expressed when it itself wanted to do. So, he forgot, among other Writers, and Diagne to score even more to drive when she was only Kaminski appeared. In injury time had a 4-0 lead, then still by Diagne, on an assist from Vanaken.

the Club, winning the Battle of Flanders, that there was, and remains, the only leader with a match less played. The Gent has six points in arrears and still has a inhaalmatch to be very good.

as a Junior Verbeeke.

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